Beyond Scientific Advertising

Written by John Colanzi

Scientific Advertising. Sounds so professional. Maybe I can be another Einstein.

Move closer, I want to tell you a secret. I'm not a scientific marketer.


Because I don't like limiting myself to one side of my brain. I'm not good at filling inrepparttar little paint by numbers sets and keepingrepparttar 101182 colors withinrepparttar 101183 lines.

Besidesrepparttar 101184 art of marketing is much more fun.

Scientific advertising is a starting point on your road to success. There's more to becoming a successful marketer than you've been told.

When you first start marketing online you're standing on repparttar 101185 newbie side ofrepparttar 101186 river, looking across atrepparttar 101187 3 to 5% who become successful online entrepreneurs.

Scientific Advertising isrepparttar 101188 boat to help you reachrepparttar 101189 other side. This is where you learnrepparttar 101190 basics. On your ride acrossrepparttar 101191 river you develop:

<> Patience

<> Persistence

<> A Positive Mental Attitude

<> Basic Marketing Skills

Duringrepparttar 101192 crossing 95 to 98 % ofrepparttar 101193 passengers abandon ship. They arerepparttar 101194 ones screaming:

Why You NEED to Establish Your OWN List of Contacts

Written by Joe Bingham

You can buy advertising in multiple ezines, or on multiple sites, and reach a lot of people, right?

Sure, but unless you buy repeated advertising, how many times do you reach them?


Even with repeat advertising, it's still not going to be a long term situation. The simplest fact of Internet marketing is this:

If you have your own business, You NEED to establish your OWN list of repeat contacts.

Make no mistake, there is real power here. Having your own list of regular contacts is THE KEY to Internet Success whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

You know all those claims you've seen about people making spectacular amounts of money in short periods of time? What they fail to mention when they tell you about such claims is thatrepparttar person already had one of two things set up for themselves. One, a bunch of proven, effective advertising contacts, andrepparttar 101181 money or position to buy or trade for a huge amount of advertising all at once. Or two, a large, previously established list of contacts.

Contact lists can be gained either through administering a program that is based onrepparttar 101182 collection of email addresses, (opt-in or safelist programs, FFA posting sites) or throughrepparttar 101183 POWER of Ezines.

Whilerepparttar 101184 administrator ofrepparttar 101185 opt-in list or FFA site, andrepparttar 101186 Publisher ofrepparttar 101187 Ezine gets EVERYONE'S contact information, no one else that posts, joins, or subscribes gets this privilege.

The greater advantage, though, goes torepparttar 101188 Ezine Publisher. Opt-in lists and FFA sites are joined by people interested solely in posting their opportunity or ad. Ezines are read. That is their purpose, to be read. Therefore,repparttar 101189 ezine publisher will have a better response rate from his contacts thanrepparttar 101190 opt-in list or FFA site administrator.

Ezine subscriber lists are EARNED lists that will continue to be EARNED by producing useful content, and therefore will have better responses.

So, how do you use that POWER to your advantage?

Retain Contact With Visitors

The simplest advantage is that offering a free ezine subscription makes your advertising more cost effective. By simply getting your site visitors to leave you their name and email, you retain their contact instead of losing them after they leave your site.

Repeat Advertising

By keeping subscribers on your list, you can re-expose them to your opportunity indefinitely. You don't want to overdo it torepparttar 101191 point of annoyance, but you can at least mention your business, and occasionally promote through business updates or classified ads.

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