Beyond SMART Goals

Written by Myrtis Smith

Word Count: 580

Summary: Making a goal SMART is onlyrepparttar first step in making that goal a reality; here are 10 practical steps to achieving your SMART goals

============================================================================ Beyond SMART Goals

These days, everyone seems to be talking about SMART goals. That is, goals that are:

............Specific ..............Measurable ................Achievable ..................Rewarding ....................Time-based

However, making a goal SMART is onlyrepparttar 123939 first step in making that goal a reality. Here are 10 practical steps to achieving your SMART goals:

1. Set a SMART goal. Make sure your goal can passrepparttar 123940 SMART test. Is your goal clearly defined (specific)? Canrepparttar 123941 results of your goal be quantified (measurable)? Isrepparttar 123942 goal realistic (achievable)? Will achieving this goal be beneficial (rewarding)? Is there a clear date set to meetrepparttar 123943 goal (time-based)?

2. Align your goals with your values. There are certain things in life that each individual values: family, honesty, spirituality, having fun, wealth, etc. Goals that are not aligned with your values are goals that are doomed to failure. Take a moment to ask yourself: Why do I want this goal? What is it going to help me accomplish? Who will it make me become?

3. Tell 3 - 5 key people about your goal. Sharing your goals with others help you become more accountable. Be surerepparttar 123944 people you are telling are people who are supportive and positive.

4. Identifyrepparttar 123945 necessary resources. What are some things that you need to make your goal happen? For example, if your goal is to lose weight, purchasing exercise tapes would be useful. Or if your goal is to change careers, perhaps you can find 2 or 3 people in your field of interest.

5. Identify time savers. While taking short-cuts can sometimes be detrimental to your achievement, there is no need to "recreaterepparttar 123946 wheel." Why spend countless hours creating a business plan from scratch when there is great deal of software, templates, and samples available to you. Identify ways your can accelerate your progress.


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

Did you ever haverepparttar privilege of listening torepparttar 123938 call of a loon? It is a totally different call than any ofrepparttar 123939 other waterfowl. The word “haunting” isrepparttar 123940 best word forrepparttar 123941 sound that these beautiful creatures make.

The cry ofrepparttar 123942 loon penetratesrepparttar 123943 forestland and gives anyone inrepparttar 123944 vicinity an unforgettable memory in their sub-conscious mind that will surface on a quiet evening, when all of nature stands still. It becomes alive inrepparttar 123945 lull just before a thunderstorm and inrepparttar 123946 middle of a starlit night.

The loons return to my small cabin onrepparttar 123947 lake each and every year. Sometimes one arrives first, and then a few more come to keep him/her company. Their particular sound soothes my mind and allows merepparttar 123948 inner vision to takerepparttar 123949 time to think about all those things I have set aside inrepparttar 123950 day-to-day activities we all have.

Even watching a loon bob alongrepparttar 123951 small waves thatrepparttar 123952 wind churns up, inrepparttar 123953 frosty air of a cool, misty morning, and inrepparttar 123954 dead stillness of night, gives you food for thought. They are unhurried, relaxed, and totally content with their surroundings and their lifestyle. They do not hurry, are not easily roused, and return torepparttar 123955 place they raised their family year after year.

As people, we seem to ignore much of nature. Nature, however, has so much to teach us, to show us, and to let us discover on our own. The seasons ofrepparttar 123956 year transform and replace. Butrepparttar 123957 continuity goes on without any disruption. The animals seem to accept whatever Mother Nature decides to do and they deal with it as best they can using allrepparttar 123958 resources available to them.

Why not man? When we go throughrepparttar 123959 various stages of life, many of us want to fightrepparttar 123960 change, we want everything to remainrepparttar 123961 way it is. We do not prepare forrepparttar 123962 next plateau nor do a lot of us welcome it. Life is going to pass with each day and no one has discovered a way to stop it. Our childhood turns into adulthood without our permission. We go throughrepparttar 123963 motions of everyday life, without realizing that with each 24-hour period, we are closer torepparttar 123964 next step. Why not welcome it, open our arms and embrace it? We did whatever we could with this part, now let’s turnrepparttar 123965 page and begin that next chapter. Change is not always easy, and any disruption such as divorce or even death can add torepparttar 123966 confusion andrepparttar 123967 uncertainty. Look at these major upsets as an opportunity to prove to yourself that you can make it and handle whatever life throws your way.

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