Beyond Keyword Demand

Written by Steve Gillman

I get half ofrepparttar world traffic forrepparttar 146279 term "dirtbagging," on one page of my backpacking site, but that only means ten visitors a month. Without decent keyword demand you can't ever get much traffic. Total demand is just one factor to consider, though. Here are some others.

1. Demand/supply ratio. There were 289,000 searches for "fishing" last month, but could you compete againstrepparttar 146280 35,000,000 results on a Google search? "Bass fishing tips," with 3,700 searches, and 31,000 results is a more likely winner.

2. Total supply. For "dirtbagging," Google shows 240 results, and there may be 20 searches monthly forrepparttar 146281 term. It was easy to get onrepparttar 146282 first page of results. Onrepparttar 146283 other hand, a keyword with a demand of a million, and a million search results has a better ratio, but can you really get inrepparttar 146284 first few pages of results? Whateverrepparttar 146285 ratio, you have to be able to compete againstrepparttar 146286 supply. If you are onrepparttar 146287 tenth page of results, virtually nobody will find you.

3. Type of keyword. Getting good search engine placement is one thing, but what type of visitor are you getting? Who is more likely to buy something from you or click on your affiliate links, a searcher for "fishing stories," or "fishing poles." If I was selling gear, I think I'd be happier with half as much traffic forrepparttar 146288 second term asrepparttar 146289 first.

5 Critical Promotion Mistakes People Make With Articles

Written by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved =====================================

Did you realize that writing and publishing articles online represents one ofrepparttar best-kept website traffic secrets?

It's true! In fact, if you learn some basic principles, you can drive thousands of visitors to your website without spending any money on advertising. Publishing articles not only establishes you as an expert in your chosen field, but also allows you to fly underrepparttar 146252 natural "radar defenses" your prospects have against advertising.

But, beware! My experience as a syndicated newspaper columnist has shown me that people who would otherwise succeed massively promoting with articles actually fail because they consistently make one or more of these five critical mistakes!

Mistake #1 - NOT Defining Your Target Audience

Many article authors makerepparttar 146253 serious mistake of not clearly defining a niche audience before writing their article. Successful article authors always knowrepparttar 146254 exact "niche" audience they want to reach before they writerepparttar 146255 first word.

When targeting your audience, remember this rule: Narrow and Deep! Always pick an audience with a specific, pressing, or major interest in a narrow topic!

Mistake #2 - Spamming Ezine Editors

In their desire to cover as much ground as possible, many article authors resort to spam techniques for submitting their articles. Instead of tightly targeting appropriate ezines that cater specifically to their audience, these authors try to hit "everyone."

By trying to save time, they actually waste every minute spent writing their article because most ezine editors will just delete their submissions as spam!

Mistake #3 - Milktoast Topics

You can writerepparttar 146256 best article inrepparttar 146257 world, but if your headline doesn't grab a reader's eyeballs and pull them into your article - you lose!

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