Beyond Fear And Greed: Emotions That Sell

Written by Lisa Packer

Fear and Greed. The stock-in-trade of sales. Appeal to them, and your success is assured. But isn’t there more to life than those two emotions?

Yes, there is. And your marketing would do well to expand its emotional horizons! Let’s take a look at a few ofrepparttar other response-generating feelings:

Curiosity: “What never… ever to eat on an airplane!” That headline is fromrepparttar 136302 super-successful sales letter for Bottom Line newsletter subscriptions. You readrepparttar 136303 message to findrepparttar 136304 answer torepparttar 136305 question – which, byrepparttar 136306 way, is only answered if you subscribe.

Vanity: Everyone wants to look good. Can your product or service make them more beautiful? But don’t stop there – vanity can sell more than just diet and beauty products. Verbal Advantage uses vanity (people will think you’re more intelligent) to sell vocabulary tapes. Will your product or service make your prospect look more successful? (Sometimes a higher cost can be a benefit.) How aboutrepparttar 136307 appeal of being “cool” or “hip”?

Review: The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course

Written by Jill Whalen

by Jill Whalen © 2005 I've spentrepparttar past couple of weeks reading Karon Thackston's copywriting course, and boy-oh-boy is it a winner! Karon spent five long months putting down on virtual paper everything that she's learned in her 20+ years as a veteran copywriter. In fact, she told me thatrepparttar 136301 hardest part was consciously making note of what comes naturally to her when she writes. I understand that perfectly, as that'srepparttar 136302 same thing I do when writing or speaking about search engine optimization. But, man, when you can get that natural process stuff down on paper, it really makes for killer material, and a great learning experience! The major focus ofrepparttar 136303 course is online and search engine copywriting, since Karon's been into that since 1999. The course itself is actually a jam-packed, 150+-page .pdf file, which could be read as a book if you wanted to be lazy and just learnrepparttar 136304 basics. However, if you're serious about learning how to write great copy, you should takerepparttar 136305 course inrepparttar 136306 manner in which it was intended. That is, read allrepparttar 136307 lessons and try to completerepparttar 136308 assignments. This is a self-paced, self-scoring course so you've got to use your own willpower for that one though, since no teacher will be standing over your shoulder waiting for you to hand it in!

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