Beware of the Biz Op Gypsy

Written by Sandra Stammberger

Traditional gypsies have traveled aroundrepparttar world for years running scams, taking people's money, and heading out of town faster than you can blink your eye. They normally offer "too good to be true" products, services, or investments that make you drool and have you dreaming of riches. The problem is, only part of what they say is true.

Inrepparttar 127561 Information Age, you have to beware ofrepparttar 127562 biz op gypsy. Alongrepparttar 127563 same lines asrepparttar 127564 gypsy of old, biz op gypsies look to have you buy into their so-called "opportunity" so you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with very little work.

Anybody who knows anything about Internet business will confirm in a heartbeat that life online is not effortless! While there are some quality business opportunities available, don't let visions of sunbathing byrepparttar 127565 pool while - atrepparttar 127566 same time - raking in thousands of dollars a day cloud your judgment.

When making your decision about which business opportunity to seriously consider, takerepparttar 127567 following points into consideration.

1) Sounds Too Good To Be True - One of your first clues will berepparttar 127568 tales of how easy it is to get rich. "No work on your part," "The company does everything for you," and "Immediate rewards" are lines gypsies like to use. I'll tell you now, regardless of how goodrepparttar 127569 biz op is, you will still have to work to be a success. Be very wary of sales pitches that includerepparttar 127570 statements above.

2) Askrepparttar 127571 Person: "What Have Been Your Experiences With This Company?" - Granted, good gypsies will tell you of allrepparttar 127572 wonders they've performed withrepparttar 127573 help of this company, and how easy their lives are now. That's great! But don't settle for lip service. Ask for proof. Commission check stubs bearing their names, receipts, or other hard documentation will help to back up their claims.

3) Contactrepparttar 127574 Company Directly - The "home" company will be very aware of its "top sellers." If for some reason they are not, withrepparttar 127575 salesperson's company ID number, you should be able to confirm everythingrepparttar 127576 supposed gypsy is saying. Better yet. Arrange a 3-way call withrepparttar 127577 company, repparttar 127578 gypsy, and yourself.

Beware Medical Billing Scams

Written by Shelley Lockwood

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Beware Medical Billing Scams By Shelley Lockwood

It's almost impossible to avoidrepparttar 127561 many online advertisements of Work from home opportunities.

We're bombarded with variations constantly. When I first began my online journey, I was intrigued by many of them.

They appeared to be simple enough, and such sure things. After making a few minor investments, it didn't take long to realize that most of them weren't quite what they appeared to be.

For instance, I'm sure you've seen advertisements for starting your own business in Medical Billing.

For a small investment they say you get it all, and a sure winner no less.

They startrepparttar 127562 sales pitch by telling you there's a crisis inrepparttar 127563 health care system. That doctors and dentists are faced withrepparttar 127564 difficulties in handling their paper claim processing.

The opportunity they try to sell you is to establish a business in processing these medial claims electronically. The customer base doctors and dentists.

They make it sound like there's a giant waiting list of these Professionals just waiting for you to come along and offer this service. In fact they'll even supply you with a list of eager potential customers. Better yet, their professional sales force will generate lists of leads on your behalf.

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