Beware The Isms

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Beware The Isms by Dan Reinhold

A home business can serve any purpose you want: provide pocket money, payrepparttar 140846 car loan or evenrepparttar 140847 mortgage, produce funds forrepparttar 140848 kids' college education. Properly cared for and nurtured, it will serve its chosen purpose well.

Even a robust, vigorous home business may become UNhealthy. There are potent dangers that often arise, horrible maladies to sicken them and make them wither away to nothing but a memory.

Beware...The Isms.

The first is perhapsrepparttar 140849 most cruel, as nourishment and care ofrepparttar 140850 home business becomes erratic and faltering. Withoutrepparttar 140851 benefit of continuous attention and strengthening activity, it can fall prey to Sometimeism.

Sometimeism is a terrible fate forrepparttar 140852 home business, as its energies are sapped by occasional and casual efforts of brief and uncertain duration. As these tidbits become ever fewer and farther between,repparttar 140853 poor weakened home business succumbs to starvation and worse, neglect.

Another plague that can strike a home business is much more insidious: little by little, it is worn down and exhausted by an acute lack of seriousness.

This nightmare is called Hobbyism.

When afflicted with Hobbyism, a home business feelsrepparttar 140854 draining effect of too many hours in forums and chat rooms, exacerbated by still more hours checking emails. Any business without its very life's blood - commerce, enterprise, trade - is doomed whilerepparttar 140855 unforgiving hours grow and multiply with online games and Flash presentations.

The Do's and Don'ts of Work at Home Business

Written by Purva Mewar

The Do's & Don'ts of Work at Home Business. The first and foremost amongstrepparttar Do's and Don'ts is - `DO' start to work at home & `DON'T GIVE UP'. I am not saying it because I myself work at home. Onrepparttar 140813 contrary I am saying it because there was a time when I did not work at home!  I knowrepparttar 140814 difference. Period.

I was a normal office going, 9-5 rut -routine person, much against my likings and wishes. As any other beginner I was fresh and enthusiastic when I joined a corporate career, put in 200% in everything that was assigned to me. Soon I realized, I was not cut out for the  job.

Forget commuting and following a wasrepparttar 140815 easiest to cope. What I disliked wasrepparttar 140816 the chaos beyond. Not being able to relate torepparttar 140817 corporate jargon, educated moves, politically correct reactions, aligning with lobbies... none of these were my way of looking at a long term career. So, my career merely became a job a for me. The career bird flew out ofrepparttar 140818 window. But then, I have always preferred to be a `normal' than an `average' person. My definition of an `Average' person is "Someone who does what most people underrepparttar 140819 same circumstances should   do". And a `Normal' person according to me is "Someone who will do what one feels is right for him/her  irrespective of what most people under similar circumstances would do"

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