Betting Guide/Strategy: Golf betting

Written by PuntersRealm

Betting Guide/Strategy: Golf betting

Owlmans Golf betting guide

"I can't play golf, "Pitch and put is my limit", these familiar cries are often used as justification for not getting involved in golf betting. On a personal level, I've never sat on a horse, but this has not stopped me betting on these four legged money carriers.

I commenced serious golf betting two years ago, and my involvement can largely be attributed to 3 factors:

1. My increased use ofrepparttar betting exchanges 2. Invariably my Sunday nights were spent watchingrepparttar 148335 golf on SKY therefore having an interest onrepparttar 148336 outcome added torepparttar 148337 viewing pleasure

3. Around this time I started a more disciplined approach to my betting activities to include record keeping of bets placed. To my amazement, my golf bets were showing greater returns than from what I perceived were my strong suits of horses and football.

If I was obtaining a positive return without really trying - by that I mean little research or form study, I reasoned that theoretically "putting inrepparttar 148338 hours" could only build on an already sound foundation.

I would love to read of of other peoples thoughts and strategies on their betting activities however, here isrepparttar 148339 Owlmans receipe for golf punting success . . .

Preparation Initial background research - all good cooks have a library of cookbooks, golf punters should familiarise themselves withrepparttar 148340 vast mountains of knowledge readily available be it in paper form or at a click of a mouse. Too many cooks can spoilrepparttar 148341 broth, therefore try to avoid not seeingrepparttar 148342 Woods forrepparttar 148343 tees ! . In this context there is perhaps too much info out there to take in, find your favoured sourcesrepparttar 148344 two PGA tour sites, Racing Post, Keith Elliots annual golf guide, should be enough to satisy everyones thirst for knowledge. (plus this site of course!)

Minimise workload Each event has 156 players, limit any research to players under 100/1. Seldom do big price players win (or if they dorepparttar 148345 liklihood of finding them is remote). Any big priced players with a chance may in any event be highlighted byrepparttar 148346 pro-tipsters, and failing that you can still back them later inrepparttar 148347 tournament.

Football/soccer premiership preview 2005/06

Written by PuntersRealm

Premiership preview 2005/06

The 2005/06 Premiership season gets underway on August 13th, and ifrepparttar bookmakers are to be believed,repparttar 148334 title will once again be contested by three teams.

Two of those – Chelsea and Arsenal – meet on 7th August inrepparttar 148335 traditional curtain-raiser torepparttar 148336 new season,repparttar 148337 Community Shield. As if any further spice was needed –repparttar 148338 on-going Ashley Cole tapping-up saga looks set to ensure that meetings between these two London rivals are tense and feisty affairs.

A look at each ofrepparttar 148339 three sides can point us inrepparttar 148340 direction ofrepparttar 148341 best bets available prior torepparttar 148342 start ofrepparttar 148343 new campaign.

Where better to start than with champions Chelsea. Their first title in 50 years was delivered with games to spare last season, and although bitterly disappointed by their European exit atrepparttar 148344 hands of eventual winners Liverpool (more about them later),repparttar 148345 season must be viewed as a huge success for Jose Mourinho’s side. One loss, 15 goals conceded and a winning margin of 12 points separating them from second-placed Arsenal says it all.

Add to thatrepparttar 148346 growing defensive rock comprised primarily of captain John Terry and keeper Peter Cech,repparttar 148347 dazzling attacking play of Robben and Duff, plus of courserepparttar 148348 spending power of Roman Abromavitch, and onrepparttar 148349 face of it Chelsea look like being incredibly hard to displace as champions.

Their price of evens is not an unfair price given their dominance last season as well as their ability to go out and buy established and expensive top-class players, however things will surely be tougher for them this time around.

Arsenal, who got off to such a great start last term, only to falter following a crushing defeat at Old Trafford that ended their 49 game unbeaten run, will be out to stoprepparttar 148350 Chelsea machine in its tracks. Arsenal have traditionally struggled following a title-winning season, only to come back stronger and more determinedrepparttar 148351 season after. Withrepparttar 148352 arrival of top-class players promised – something they were unable to deliver at this time last year due to their new stadium project andrepparttar 148353 financial restrictions that resulted – Arsenal can mount a serious challenge to Chelsea’s title, and at odds of 11/4, make plenty of appeal.

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