Better Than a Million Dollar Lottery WinÖ

Written by Jo Ball

Do you rememberrepparttar feeling of seeing someone you were attracted? It makesrepparttar 146928 heart bump, doesnít it?

Have you ever stood on stage in front of a sea of faces that you know well and pulled out your notes to make a speech? Boy doesrepparttar 146929 vibration of shaking liven you up!

Have you ever feltrepparttar 146930 breeze on your face, either during a hot-air balloon ride or by sticking your head throughrepparttar 146931 car sunroof? It wakes your senses up, doesnít it?

And on a scale of 1-10 how much does your heart bump, body shake and senses wake when you do your day job? I bet you can practically dorepparttar 146932 tasks with your eyes shut. In fact I bet there are days when you feel like you did have your eyes shut?

Most people donít feel awakened by their day jobs. Their role lacks excitement andrepparttar 146933 chores get done with a distinct lack of passion. In many places of work you often hear people making a, ďIf I have to work for a living Iíd sooner do something I enjoy,Ē kind of statement.

However finding or creating work that engages you torepparttar 146934 extent that you lose track of time isnít easy, is it?

Many people find themselves inrepparttar 146935 place of having money and allrepparttar 146936 trappings, yet still feel unhappy and not knowing why.

Part ofrepparttar 146937 issue here is that they/you probably donít attach any other meaning to work exceptrepparttar 146938 money taken home atrepparttar 146939 end ofrepparttar 146940 month. And if you wonrepparttar 146941 lottery this weekend, would we see you at work on Monday?

Probably not.

Summer Fashion Fun For The Beach

Written by Sher Matsen

Look Good & Have Fun This Summer With The Perfect Beach Wardrobe

Itís that time of year when we pack up our bags and head torepparttar beach forrepparttar 146833 day to enjoy those warm sunrays andrepparttar 146834 refreshing sound ofrepparttar 146835 lapping water.

So what constitutes a good beach wardrobe. Well there are certain essentials that none of us forget. On goesrepparttar 146836 swimsuit and bathing suit cover, flip flops on our feet. Beach bag has been packed withrepparttar 146837 essentials Ė sunglasses, floppy hat, towel and a good book. Great Ė gotrepparttar 146838 basics covered but what aboutrepparttar 146839 rest.

So if we are so prepared for a day atrepparttar 146840 beach, why is it byrepparttar 146841 time we get home we look pretty worn. Here are some helpful tips to make your day atrepparttar 146842 beach fun and keep you looking fashion fresh all day and allrepparttar 146843 way home.

First before you leave home, if youíve got long hair pull it into a high pony tail or fun knot. Use some funky hair accessories that will stay in place when youíre swimming. Try a fun colored bobble or some firm fastening clips in bright summer colors. If you pull your hair up your neck will stay cool and youíll look fresh all day with your neat hairdo.

Second slather yourself in sunscreen before leavingrepparttar 146844 house, then tossrepparttar 146845 sunscreen in your bag so you can reapply after a swim or every few hours. A sunburn is not only unhealthy and painful, itís unattractive, so donít let yourself turn intorepparttar 146846 lobster ofrepparttar 146847 day. Your sunscreen should be a SPF of 15. It doesnít hurt to use a strong SPF on your face or your entire body if you burn easily.

Your beach bag should be large enough to hold your supplies forrepparttar 146848 day. Why not get something fun and fashionable to keep you looking fashion fresh. Make sure youíve got allrepparttar 146849 daily essentials in your bag Ė sunglasses, sunscreen, a good book, a floppy hat, some lip gloss, and any other makeup touch ups youíll want. If you plan to wear eye makeup make sure itís waterproof. Stay away from heavy foundations. If you must apply something use a bronzer moisturizer. Itís also a good idea to bring lip balm with an SPF15 to protect your lips. It never hurts to put some moisturizer inrepparttar 146850 bag. Include a snack and plenty of fluids. Itís important not to get dehydrated.

Okay great weíve gotrepparttar 146851 basics covered now what aboutrepparttar 146852 wardrobe basics? If youíre planning to wear a swimsuit itís usually easiest to put it on at home, that way youíre not chasing down change rooms. So great Ė first on goesrepparttar 146853 swimsuit. Now what to wear for a cover? Well youíve got plenty of choices. A tank top and shorts, tank and skort, or a nice light cotton dress all work well over top. Choose something thatís easy to put on and take off, and choose fabrics that breathe to keep you cool. I also suggest including a long sleeved cotton blouse just incase you start to burn you can protect your shoulders and arms.

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