Better Photos with your Digital Camera

Written by Kelly Paal

Everyone has a digital camera today and we all take a lot of photos. But if your photos still have trees coming out of your fatherís head, mom has red eye, and your beloved pet is never facingrepparttar camera then here are some tips to help you take better photos.

1. Always be aware ofrepparttar 116233 background. I know this isrepparttar 116234 hard one but it is critical. If youíre setting up a shot take a quick look at what is behindrepparttar 116235 people in your shot. So many perfectly good photos are ruined by a tree seeming to grow out of a personís head. It can be as simple asrepparttar 116236 person taking one full step torepparttar 116237 right or left to moverepparttar 116238 obstacle that would ruin your photo. 2. Use available light. If your digital camera has an option to turnrepparttar 116239 flash off and itís light enough outside to read a book then userepparttar 116240 available light and turnrepparttar 116241 flash off. In general camera flashes are too harsh for human skin and make all of us look pale. (Even better if your camera has a fill flash use that indoors where there isnít enough daylight, and placerepparttar 116242 person by a window as well.) 3. Use ambient soft light. The reason that so many of use pose people under trees, and end up withrepparttar 116243 ruined photo with a tree coming out of dadís head, is that we all instinctively know that soft light is best. Sunlight filtered through a treesí leave is beautiful and warm. It warms uprepparttar 116244 skin and puts a soft light torepparttar 116245 features. Indoors near a window with drapes has a similar effect. 4. Aim your camera slightly down atrepparttar 116246 personís face. Now I donít mean climb a ladder but just donít ever, and I mean ever, point your camera looking up to a person. We all look fat and bloated at that angle. Also donít shoot just face on torepparttar 116247 person, try a little torepparttar 116248 side, a three quarter view, so that you see more of their face. Remember camera higher looking down and a three quarter view, it will slim your subject.

Need A Scrapbook Journaling Idea?

Written by Elaine Clay

Need A Scrapbook Journaling Idea?

Try using song lyrics in your next layout.

Song lyrics can be a great source of title and page inspiration for a scraper.

Music and songs play an important part in our lives. Hearing a song again can evoke a lot of emotion, bringing back fond memories of special times, special people and special places.

Of course, different songs mean different things to different people - but you can use songs to 'tap' into those memories to create unique, and highly personal scrapbook pages.

How do you use lyrics on your pages?

Well, hereís a scrapbook journaling idea for you to try using a wedding layout as an example.

Ifrepparttar bride and groom have their own Ďspecial songí then you use that to add a personal touch. If not donít worry find another suitable song instead, there are lots of song lyric web sites onrepparttar 116232 internet that you can browse.

Pick a section from your chosen song for example,repparttar 116233 first verse of ďA Groovy Kind of LoveĒ by Phil Collins and journalrepparttar 116234 lyrics aroundrepparttar 116235 edges of your page.

Then embellish your border with some appropriate wedding stickers, die-cuts or punches. Tie it all neatly together, by usingrepparttar 116236 title ofrepparttar 116237 chosen song asrepparttar 116238 accent title for your layout.

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