Better Off Dead

Written by Gary Whittaker

Jennifer Wilbanks,repparttar now infamous Runaway Bride, will now face either criminal or civil charges in relation torepparttar 136666 phone call made to 911 authorities on Saturday night, April 30th. Jennifer "disappeared" Tuesday night after she went jogging, but called 4 days later to say that she was stranded inrepparttar 136667 middle of nowhere after having been abducted by a Hispanic man White woman. North America watched sceptically, as her fiancé, John Mason, professed his heartache and concern for her safety.

Her daily actions are now being reviewed, as prosecutors look for a deliberate attempt to deceive not only her soon to be husband, butrepparttar 136668 town authorities as well. Jennifer claimed that she made a spur ofrepparttar 136669 moment decision to flee, yet records show that she had called for a cab before she went jogging. She also claims to have only left with around 150 $ is cash, yet a ticket for just one of her bus trips would have cost more than that.

Jennifer has some explaining to do! She had to have realized that her fiancé would be put under a heavy cloud of suspicion, especially withrepparttar 136670 Scott Pederson’s case fresh of everyone’s mind. What aboutrepparttar 136671 couple that she befriended on her bus ride to Albuquerque? She used them as her model abductors. How aboutrepparttar 136672 pain and suffering she caused her family? The village of Duluth are also piping hot mad. They want Jennifer Wilbanks to personally reimburse them for their time spent looking for her!

The Modern Geek - changing the stereotype

Written by Brendan U.

The day of duck-taped glasses, suspenders and pocket-protectors are quickly fading away. It's getting harder to pickrepparttar geeks out ofrepparttar 136525 crowd.

Welcome torepparttar 136526 day ofrepparttar 136527 modern geek whererepparttar 136528 technically savvy not only embody intelligence but display an elegant blend of style and personality. They are less likely to be found atrepparttar 136529 bottom ofrepparttar 136530 social ladder but influential inrepparttar 136531 lives of millions by their very thoughts alone. They are more likely to design, develop and maintainrepparttar 136532 systems that impactrepparttar 136533 quality of life for so many.

For some,repparttar 136534 choices of runway model, professional athlete or pop singer were serious ones butrepparttar 136535 fascination with technology drives them to choose another path; these arerepparttar 136536 modern geeks. They are hidden amongrepparttar 136537 masses, only identifiable byrepparttar 136538 technology they carry buried amid their designer suits and attaché cases. The blackberry on their belt serving as a phone and providing access to all emails,repparttar 136539 internet, contact info and more. The portable music player inrepparttar 136540 shirt pocket that they use more as a backup disk than for music. An attaché case enclosing a laptop so powerfulrepparttar 136541 acronyms to describe it exist only inrepparttar 136542 world of geek speak. A brain so thirsty for knowledge it consumes all information inrepparttar 136543 vicinity only to hunger for more.

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