Better Internal Proposals

Written by Robert F. Abbott

A colleague of mine has a problem. We belong torepparttar same association and he's been trying for quite some time, without success, to get support for one of his proposals.

His lack of results came to mind when a reader asked for ideas about making internal proposals more effective. As she noted in her message, it's necessary to make a business case for proposals, including costs and returns.

She's right, and I agree wholeheartedly. In fact I just finished a proposal to an organization I work with and had it accepted on that sort of basis.

But, I think all good proposals start where my colleague has trouble. They start with a clear and concise statement aboutrepparttar 149095 project: "This is what I recommend, this isrepparttar 149096 issue (problem or opportunity) it addresses, and these arerepparttar 149097 consequences (benefits) of doing what I recommend."

I frequently come across situations where ideas don't fly becauserepparttar 149098 person makingrepparttar 149099 proposal hasn't prepared that kind of analysis and statement. Whilerepparttar 149100 virtue ofrepparttar 149101 ideas seems apparent to him or to her, it's not at all apparent to others. I've referred to it elsewhere asrepparttar 149102 'Everybody knows' syndrome.

To dorepparttar 149103 analysis, and later writerepparttar 149104 statement, start with a description ofrepparttar 149105 action that you want taken. In just a few words, write downrepparttar 149106 what you want to see happen, and how it changesrepparttar 149107 status quo. For example, I recently went to a meeting with a proposal that went like this: Changerepparttar 149108 duration of our event to four weeks fromrepparttar 149109 current duration of six weeks, to reduce our costs during a slow period.

Next, name or listrepparttar 149110 people or functions involved. Who will takerepparttar 149111 action? Do you want just one person to act, or several, or many? And, if it involves a multi-stage action, set outrepparttar 149112 stages. For example, "I would like this committee to formulate a recommendation we can put to a vote atrepparttar 149113 annual meeting."

Mithilanchal ... Heart Of Mithila

Written by Niraj


Know Mithila [Click]:

Mithila is an ancient kingdom now split between northern Bihar in India andrepparttar Tarai region of

Nepal. This site is a starting place to learn more about Mithila culture and history. It is also for people

who would like to be updated on events taking place in and activities concerningrepparttar 149012 Maithil

community. Also to Know about Mithilanchal, mithilanchal Brahmans, Madhubani pantings,

Vidyapati, Maithil poets. Mithila isrepparttar 149013 place for maithils to interact about mithila culture, mithila

literature, mithila network, mithila matrimonial. Mithila lies between NEPAL and INDIA.

Informations Presented by: Niraj Kumar Jha

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