Best Electronic/Dance Album GRAMMY excites electro-pop composers and performers around the world!

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

A new GRAMMY category enables creators of sonic masterworks, including such influential innovators as BT,repparttar Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold and Deepsky, to compete against similar artists instead of having to fit into other musical categories - a report by The G-Man.

Until very recently,repparttar 102804 aural excitement of a BT album like "Emotional Technology," a Crystal Method album such as "Legion of Boom," or a Paul Oakenfold album like "Creamfields" could get overlooked inrepparttar 102805 GRAMMY balloting.

In fact, you can find spine-tingling electronic pop and dance music being made in all parts ofrepparttar 102806 world that might easily miss out on a chance to haverepparttar 102807 kind of high-intensity spotlight that results from a GRAMMY nomination.

But this year,repparttar 102808 National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS),repparttar 102809 organization that controlsrepparttar 102810 GRAMMY Awards, has changed everything for electronic artists withrepparttar 102811 introduction ofrepparttar 102812 "Best Electronic/Dance Album" category.

"This is an exciting event for everyone inrepparttar 102813 world of electronic and dance-oriented music," stated producer/mixer Carmen Rizzo, who is a NARAS Los Angeles Chapter Trustee. "It is fitting that such a vital form of music receives some ofrepparttar 102814 recognition it deserves." Appearing at a pre-concert party to officially announcerepparttar 102815 category, Rizzo added, "As someone involved inrepparttar 102816 creation of this music as well as a listener, I feel this is a giant leap forward."

NEW GENERATION OF MUSICIANS. The attraction of music with a technological slant crosses many boundaries. Brian Transeau, or BT, as he is professionally known, is a classically-trained musician who embracedrepparttar 102817 electronic music world at an early age. "This is what my heroes Debussy, Stravinsky andrepparttar 102818 like were looking for," BT stated. "Technology-based music isrepparttar 102819 only idiom that packs such infinite sonic possibilities," he added.

Jason Bentley, widely known for his hosting of radio programs on KCRW and KROQ in Los Angeles, is involved with electronically-generated rhythmic music in many ways, as radio personality, club DJ, music supervisor for films (includingrepparttar 102820 "Matrix" series), and producer. "It was high time forrepparttar 102821 industry to acknowledge electronic and dance music with this album category," Bentley stated. "For a long time,repparttar 102822 electronic and dance categories have been in stealth mode inrepparttar 102823 USA, so it is exciting to be a part of this new effort to shine a light on a vital aspect ofrepparttar 102824 music industry."

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, better known asrepparttar 102825 Crystal Method, were both pleased atrepparttar 102826 announcement. "From my first year as a voting member ofrepparttar 102827 GRAMMY Awards, several of us fromrepparttar 102828 electronic music genre have been working towards this goal. We never thought it would happen this fast and were just thrilled withrepparttar 102829 result. We're just so happy that this style of music can now be recognized by our industry's premiere awards show," Jordan stated.

AN EMERGING FORCE. The acceptance of dance and electronic music aroundrepparttar 102830 globe has been phenomenal, except inrepparttar 102831 United States. "It's somewhat similar torepparttar 102832 situation with soccer," Bentley stated. "Soccer is a global force with millions of followers, intense fans, and tremendous marketing resources, but it is just not as widespread inrepparttar 102833 U.S. The same thing may be said about dance and electronic music, which makes this GRAMMY category so much more important."

Bentley seesrepparttar 102834 emergence of underground dance music intorepparttar 102835 mainstream as healthy and inevitable. "A lot of people who started getting involved in this music inrepparttar 102836 eighties and nineties are now taking their place inrepparttar 102837 business. People like BT, Carmen Rizzo andrepparttar 102838 others who worked onrepparttar 102839 committee at NARAS represent something of a changing ofrepparttar 102840 guard." Bentley, drawing on his background as producer, music supervisor and DJ, is totally committed to this form of music. "This has been my rock and roll, my punk rock, my movement. This was always something that moved me, and it is gratifying to see so many people, performers and companies coming together to back it."

BACKERS AND SUPPORTERS. Amongrepparttar 102841 sponsors ofrepparttar 102842 event were BPM magazine, DTS, Life's Good, and musical equipment manufacturer Roland, which had several pieces of gear on display, including their SP-606 Sampling Workstation,repparttar 102843 MC-909 Sampling Groovebox, andrepparttar 102844 new MV-8000 Production Studio.

"Electronic music is finally garneringrepparttar 102845 respect and recognition it deserves, and we're excited to be a part of that," says Doug Hanson, Roland Director of Product Management and Marketing. "It is an exciting time for this genre and we look forward to working with BPM inrepparttar 102846 future to co-develop events that will generate additional public awareness of this music style," Hanson added.

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