Best Age to Obtain an new puppy

Written by Pixiedust Papillons And Phalenes

Best Age to get Papillon or Phalene Puppies  Buyers have a lot of questions when they are looking for Papillon or Phalene puppies for sale. When isrepparttar best age to get Papillon or Phalene puppies is one ofrepparttar 125832 questions. There is a lot of controversy between breeders and other dog professionals--trainers, pet counselors and even owners--overrepparttar 125833 best age to place or sell a puppy. Some Papillon and Phalene Breeders claim that they need to keep Papillon puppies or Phalene Puppies longer thanrepparttar 125834 larger breed dogs and they offer several reasons for this, some contradictory. They say Papillons or Phalenes must stay with it's dam and littermates longer than a large breed for "socialization", or they want to decide if Papillon or Phalene Puppies are show or pet quality, or that it is too fragile to leave earlier, or even thatrepparttar 125835 new owners cannot take care of such a small puppy. Many non-breeding animal professionals seriously disputerepparttar 125836 need for a puppy to stay with its dam and littermates to "learn how to be a dog". In fact, a dog is born withrepparttar 125837 natural instinct to be what it is. A puppy raised with a litter of kittens will still be a dog--still bark not meow, and still dig inrepparttar 125838 yard and chase things that run or retrieve or chew--it will not lose it's natural instinct to act like a dog. The actual facts are--humans do not want a dog that has 'stayed with it's dam and littermates to learn to be a dog"!! Humans do not want a pet, especially Papillon or Phalenes, that barks excessively, chews furniture and clothes, goes "potty" anywhere inrepparttar 125839 house and ignoresrepparttar 125840 human voice and commands. Instead, most pet-loving people want a Papillon or Phalene puppy that will bond to them, easy to teach to obey basic commands, likes to be with people and is relatively easy to housetrain (we never believe in house breaking) and does not bark for no reason at all. So when does this bonding start? Nature itself starts breakingrepparttar 125841 mother-puppy bond whenrepparttar 125842 puppy is fully weaned. Puppies look to those who bring food and safety to establish a new bond. This is whenrepparttar 125843 human--puppy bond begins. When papillon and phalene puppies have a full set of baby teeth and can eat on their own,repparttar 125844 dam usually will move away fromrepparttar 125845 puppies more often, to avoidrepparttar 125846 sharp little teeth. This isrepparttar 125847 time a wild dog would begin to hunt for her puppies and this is whenrepparttar 125848 papillon or phalene breeder becomesrepparttar 125849 primary food source forrepparttar 125850 puppy. And this age is usually around 6 weeks. Pet professionals and many who also train their own dogs, have agreed thatrepparttar 125851 younger puppies train more easily and bond to new owners more closely when placed between 6 and 10 weeks of age. (there are certain legal restrictions in selling or shipping before 8 weeks in some states) After this age, Papillon or Phalene puppies slowly becomes more set in their ways and these ways become more difficult to change later in life. 

Finding a Breeder

Written by Pixiedust Papillons and Phalenes

Finding a breeder  if you are looking for a Papillon or Phalene puppy for sale Much has been written on how to find a reputable breeder. All in an attempt to put a stop to pet mills and abandoned dogs. But too many prospective puppy buyers are just as irresponsible as some breeders. So now, serious, quality breeders, have taken steps to protect both their dogs and their privacy. Times have changed a great deal, so have puppy buyers and breeders. More people live in apartments or have small yards. Asrepparttar population ages and there are more `empty nests', demands for companion pets have changed. Small dogs that are easy to keep inside and dogs that require less exercise room are becoming more desirable. So why should looking for a Papillon or Phalene puppy for sale be any different than looking for some ofrepparttar 125831 more common, large breed dogs? Let's go step by step with an explanation fromrepparttar 125832 breeder's point of view. Pick ofrepparttar 125833 litter. This comes fromrepparttar 125834 large litters that big dogs can have. Large dogs can have 10 or more pups, while Papillons and Phalenes may have 1 to 4 puppies in a litter. Large litters usually have a couple of large puppies and maybe a smaller "runt". The smallest puppy in a Papillon or Phalene litter is usually small because of careful breeding, notrepparttar 125835 weakness usually thought of in "runts", These are alsorepparttar 125836 most sought after. Ifrepparttar 125837 breeder has a waiting list,repparttar 125838 best Papillon or Phalene puppy will go to someone wanting a show Papillon or Phalene. A person wanting a pet Papillon or Phalene and only paying pet price will not get to "pick"repparttar 125839 show Papillon or Phalene puppy. A direct quote from Cornell University's DOG WATCH Newsletter, Vol.1, No. 8, Oct 97, states "No one has yet been able to find a direct correlation between a dog's behavior at seven weeks and at two years." Good breeders try to matchrepparttar 125840 person withrepparttar 125841 puppyrepparttar 125842 buyer desires. Another quote fromrepparttar 125843 same source states " good breeders who know their dogs and how to interviewrepparttar 125844 prospective owners often can do a better job of pickingrepparttar 125845 right pup thanrepparttar 125846 prospective owners themselves." Seeingrepparttar 125847 parents. Many times onlyrepparttar 125848 mother ofrepparttar 125849 Phalene or Papillon puppy is available forrepparttar 125850 buyer to see. Good breeders often go to someone with a superior male to improverepparttar 125851 quality of their Phalenes and Papillons. Buyers should not be discouraged to see only one parent ofrepparttar 125852 puppy. Buyers may not understandrepparttar 125853 toll that having puppies takes onrepparttar 125854 mother. If she is a long-haired breed, she may have been clipped byrepparttar 125855 owner for her comfort and forrepparttar 125856 good ofrepparttar 125857 pups. She will not look ready forrepparttar 125858 show ring atrepparttar 125859 timerepparttar 125860 pups are ready to go. These things need to be considered when seeingrepparttar 125861 parents of a Phalene or Papillon puppy. Viewingrepparttar 125862 kennel or home. This is whererepparttar 125863 greatest change is taking place today. Papillons and Phalenes are more popular than ever. A buyer usually does not realizerepparttar 125864 number of calls a breeder who has Phalene or Papillon puppies for sale can get every day from people who just want to see what Papillons or Phalenes look like, with no intention of buying a puppy. Directly related stories and personal experiences of breeders indicate that potential buyers and "window shoppers" abuse this piece of advicerepparttar 125865 most! Breeders have outside jobs, family obligations and , of course,repparttar 125866 Papillons and Phalenes. They are rarely sitting around forrepparttar 125867 sole convenience of visitors! Here are just a few ways thatrepparttar 125868 words "kennel inspection" have been interpreted and abused by some claiming to be looking for Papillon puppies for sale:: they are on vacation and in your town. They phone and want to see your Phalene or Papillon puppies (inrepparttar 125869 next 15 minutes)---only because you happen to be nearby when they run out of sights to see! OR a family or friend are visiting forrepparttar 125870 weekend, so looking at your puppies would be a good way to passrepparttar 125871 time. OR,repparttar 125872 grandkids are visiting and it is time to take them out for a while! None of these people called to make an appointment. None had any desire to buy a Papillon or Phalene. They usedrepparttar 125873 "kennel inspection " excuse to treatrepparttar 125874 breeder like a free petting zoo, there to entertain them when they have nothing else to do. Now add to thisrepparttar 125875 number of people who are truly doing their beat to findrepparttar 125876 right Phalene or Papillon puppy for sale for them.. Breeders have other things to worry about in addition to inconsiderate, bored window shoppers. Puppy diseases are easily spread by evenrepparttar 125877 most casual contact. The best breeders will not allow their puppies to be seen or handled untilrepparttar 125878 puppy has had it's first shots, usually not before 5 weeks old. By this time,repparttar 125879 breeder may have deposits on the Papillon or Phalene puppies from people who are more familiar withrepparttar 125880 breed andrepparttar 125881 breeder's pedigrees. This can be frustrating torepparttar 125882 pet buyer who is takingrepparttar 125883 advice usually printed about finding a breeder with Phalene or Papillon puppies for sale. Buyers should not be offended ifrepparttar 125884 breeder suggests a first meeting at a dog show or other place. This givesrepparttar 125885 breeder time to meetrepparttar 125886 potential owner of one of their precious babies, and givesrepparttar 125887 buyerrepparttar 125888 chance to see other Papillons and Phalenes.

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