Benefits of Training Videos

Written by Joel Loader

A major problem withrepparttar running of a large corporation or PLC, isrepparttar 137112 increasing expense of staff training programmes. Training videos are exactly whatrepparttar 137113 title says - videos made forrepparttar 137114 purpose of staff training. When a company has a large and geographically diverse audience, it can be extremely expensive to either send experienced trainers to all of them, or pay for each individual to attend training courses. A training video can dramatically reduce these costs, and makerepparttar 137115 training information immediately available to all members of staff. Training video production can be presented in many ways - from a series of specifically filmed programmes, torepparttar 137116 filming of training seminars and important presentations that have taken place at these events and conferences, which can then be edited into video form so thatrepparttar 137117 benefits of these seminars are massively increased.

Once they have been filmed, training videos can either be delivered on CD-ROM for computer based presentations, or VHS and DVD for television presentations. Training videos are often incorporated into part of an overall training programme depending onrepparttar 137118 needs ofrepparttar 137119 company. Training videos are very often used for induction purposes for new staff and most people will see at least one of them in their working life. However they can also be used for a multitude of other applications. For example, if a new piece of technology is introduced into your company, then a training video isrepparttar 137120 ideal way to getrepparttar 137121 information on how to use it across your entire workforce as quickly asrepparttar 137122 technology needs to be incorporated. It could take weeks to trainrepparttar 137123 staff in individual or group sessions, so costs can be saved on both training, and time. Training videos can also be used to train staff on new policies, health and safety issues, customer service standards, or simplyrepparttar 137124 latest sales features on a new product. When you have to train a wide and geographically diverse audience, training videos can berepparttar 137125 ideal means of gettingrepparttar 137126 information through your company inrepparttar 137127 fastest and most cost effective way.

Every company must offer their employees training fromrepparttar 137128 initial training at orientation to ongoing development. "The way you train your new employees is important in not only enabling them to do a good job, but also with their retention. Recent studies have shown that when a new hire is adequately trained inrepparttar 137129 beginning, they feel more confident in their job and therefore will stay with you longer." - Peggy Morrow, 'Training for Success'. Video has long been recognized as a valuable teaching medium because it can effectively convey to students an instructor's visual clues, for example, gestures, posture and facial expressions that aid communication and comprehension. Decades of research show body language isrepparttar 137130 single most important element in verbal communication. MediaPoint Technology Boosts Streaming Video as Training Tool. In good times as well as bad, one ofrepparttar 137131 biggest hidden expenses for many businesses isrepparttar 137132 cost of bringing new workers up to speed or training existing employees for new job duties.

Producing Corporate Videos and Training Videos

Written by Joel Loader

Useful information aboutrepparttar video production process

Corporate video is a powerful media that can have a major impact on your sales campaign. Video production allows for versatility in that it can be played to a large audience at a conference or an exhibition or it can be used in smaller sales presentations or incorporated into a bid response. This document sets out to bring you a brief overview of some ofrepparttar 137111 things you would need to know if you considering making a corporate video.

If you are thinking of a corporate video production,repparttar 137112 first thing to do is arrange a meeting with a video production company. At this meetingrepparttar 137113 corporate video production company will aim to learn as much as possible about what you are seeking to achieve and will try to establishrepparttar 137114 following facts:-

(i)Who isrepparttar 137115 audience? (ii)What arerepparttar 137116 objectives ofrepparttar 137117 corporate video? (iii)What isrepparttar 137118 likely lifespan ofrepparttar 137119 corporate video? (iv)How isrepparttar 137120 corporate video is likely to be used? (v)What arerepparttar 137121 key messages? (vi)Who and what needs to be filmed and where? (vii)Doesrepparttar 137122 programme need a script or can it be made up of interview clips? (viii)Doesrepparttar 137123 programme need a presenter or will voice over suffice? (ix)Wouldrepparttar 137124 programme benefit from video graphics? (x)What format willrepparttar 137125 programme be delivered in - CD ROM, DVD or web clips? (xi)What arerepparttar 137126 timescales forrepparttar 137127 project?

It is likely you will not knowrepparttar 137128 answers to all of these questions, but reputable video production companies will have a wide portfolio of work from other clients which they can show inrepparttar 137129 meeting to give examples of different approaches to programme production. Following this meetingrepparttar 137130 video production company will produce an initial draft scope.

A video production scope document isrepparttar 137131 reference document for all projects for bothrepparttar 137132 client andrepparttar 137133 video production company. The document describes in detailrepparttar 137134 audience, objectives, messages, proposed treatment, filming schedule and budget forrepparttar 137135 programme. This budget is completely transparent in that it itemisesrepparttar 137136 individual activities contained inrepparttar 137137 production process and statesrepparttar 137138 daily rate andrepparttar 137139 estimate of time required for each activity.

The initial scope document produced may be agreed immediately or it may change as your ideas forrepparttar 137140 project develop and further meetings take place. However, oncerepparttar 137141 scope is finalisedrepparttar 137142 budget will be fixed and will not change unless you changerepparttar 137143 scope.

This process protects you from "budget creep" and protectsrepparttar 137144 video production company from "scope creep". For example, ifrepparttar 137145 video production company has underestimated one of their activities - editing for example - then this is their responsibility and no additional charge should be levied. If you alterrepparttar 137146 scope in any way duringrepparttar 137147 project - adding an additional day of filming for example -repparttar 137148 video production company will then amendrepparttar 137149 scope document, inform you ofrepparttar 137150 increased charge and await confirmation ofrepparttar 137151 acceptance ofrepparttar 137152 charge beforerepparttar 137153 additional work is undertaken.

Corporate and Training Video Production Costs

Corporate video is perceived as being expensive when compared withrepparttar 137154 development of other marketing collateral, though this is not necessarilyrepparttar 137155 case. A corporate video can be produced for as little as 6,000 or as much as 50,000 depending on what is involved.

Advice on budget depends onrepparttar 137156 objectives ofrepparttar 137157 corporate video and your likely return on investment. Ifrepparttar 137158 video is going to be used many times and be a key part of a long sales campaign to win a 500M outsource contract, a significantly larger budget would be required than a programme that is going to be played once at a conference.

The activities that will make up a video production budget are as follows:-

(i)Project Management. (ii)Script writing. (iii)Filming/studio. (iv)Presenter/voice over artist/sound studio. (v)Editing. (vi)Video graphics and grading. (vii)Stock footage (news or general footage purchased from BBC or ITN). (viii)Encoding (to CD ROM, DVD or web) (ix)Software authoring (CD ROM or DVD menu) (x)Artwork (on body disk label, interface design and packaging). (xi)Disk duplication.

A simple corporate video may be shot on location on a single day at your company headquarters or customer site,repparttar 137159 content may be made up of interviews (so no script) and may be edited over three days, encoded and delivered as a simple master disk. Such as project could cost 6,000.

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