Benefits of Creating Corporate E-books

Written by Colin Ong TS


[Sharing of Knowledge through Corporate e-books] For organisations to stay competitive, they must be willing to share knowledge withrepparttar public becauserepparttar 108500 digital revolution has enabled information to move beyond geographical boundaries. The new rule of corporate survival is not justrepparttar 108501 ownership of knowledge; it also means thatrepparttar 108502 conscious effort to modify and “self-destroy” it.

With this in mind, business decision-makers must seriously considerrepparttar 108503 sharing, selling and protection of organizational knowledge throughrepparttar 108504 launching of corporate e-books off their websites.

[Relook at e-books] An e-book is a more advanced version of a word-processing document where interesting animations and sounds can be included. Links can also be added so that e-book readers can join a forum or interact withrepparttar 108505 author in real time. A common misconception of an e-book is a gadget (the size of a PDA) that has to be lugged around. For starters, free e-book readers provided by Microsoft and Glassbook can be downloaded at and installed on a computer.

Atrepparttar 108506 same site, readers are also allowed to download free unabridged e-books that can be stored inrepparttar 108507 publisher’s external hard drive. This way, your own hard drive will not be over-utilised.

[De facto e-book format] Actually beforerepparttar 108508 talk of e-books, many businesses were using PDF asrepparttar 108509 de facto e-book and Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader asrepparttar 108510 most versatile reader.’s decision to provide free e-books that can be downloaded fromrepparttar 108511 Sydney Olympics’ official website is a good example ofrepparttar 108512 effective use of e-books.

Here are some steps about getting started in creating corporate e-books.

Step 1: [Identify your organizational strengths] This is crucial as most surfers are willing to read only 2 corporate e-books from each visit. As an example, if you run a publishing company, you have to decide which magazine or trade publication that you want to portray.

Step 2: [Chooserepparttar 108513 medium of transfer] If you are reaching to a global audience and have a limited budget,repparttar 108514 best starting point is to userepparttar 108515 PDF format. This format is compatible with most common programs inrepparttar 108516 market and its reader can be freely downloaded. You can also get free help at

CHILLED RUN - review and interview with Joan Bramsch

Written by Hope Clark

Word Wrap: A book review by C. Hope Clark

Chilled Run by Joan Bramsch Publisher: Joan Bramsch & JB Information Station ISBN 0-934334-04-8 Copyright © Joan Bramsch E-Book Copyright © June 2000

What an imagination! Joan Bramsch takes It's a Small World and develops it into an adult sci-fi story.

A small diverse group of highly intelligent and gifted individuals unite in a pilot program in a daring attempt to prove that nationalities can come together successfully forrepparttar common good. Adult and youths from several dozen ethnic backgrounds participate in establishing Mystic, a self-contained community intent on developing individual skills and talents to convincerepparttar 108499 world there is a better way thanrepparttar 108500 status quo of nation against nation.

Miracles take place in Mystic. The inhabitants focus intently onrepparttar 108501 strengths ofrepparttar 108502 individual using inherit talents. As a result overrepparttar 108503 years, medicine, telepathy, agriculture, engineering, ecology and other fields are expanded, mastered and applied forrepparttar 108504 great betterment of mankind.

Gradually,repparttar 108505 community secretly plants its young gifted ambassadors throughoutrepparttar 108506 world to gradually work their success inrepparttar 108507 weave of mankind to educate and improve globally as has been done already in Mystic. But as can be expected, adversaries exist in spite ofrepparttar 108508 weighted advantages of Mystic's teachings. Such enemy still clings to personal wealth and power with little regard torepparttar 108509 impact on brother man and mother earth. Thus, Chilled Run evolves asrepparttar 108510 prison of sorts for such deviants. And herein liesrepparttar 108511 conflict ofrepparttar 108512 tale - basic good against evil.

The reader becomes caught up inrepparttar 108513 purity of Mystic and its leaders in aiding mankind. While almost too perfect, Joan Bramsch provides a realm where one can seerepparttar 108514 future andrepparttar 108515 enhanced possibilities of an almost Utopian existence. The reader can dare in this environment to hope for a future in which people are cherished for themselves and their talents, with everyone seeking a peaceful, fruitful and meaningful co-existence.

CHILLED RUN flows peacefully taking on a Camelot aurora. The tale is quite unique and easily absorbed. Download a copy of this e-read and wrap yourself in Joan Bramsch's Mystic world of beauty and strength.

An Interview with Joan Bramsch by C. Hope Clark HC: Joan, thank you for offering some of your precious time to WordWeaving for an interview. You are a busy lady! In reviewing your site and talking with you, I getrepparttar 108516 feeling you are a writer second to your role as a 'parent cheerleader.' Can you explain to our readers your motivation behind your online publication - The EMPOWERED PARENTING Ezine?

JB: Thanks, Hope, for inviting me for a visit. You've just said magic words about which I can talk for quite awhile.

The Empowered Parenting Ezine (EP) will soon be two years old and now serves 1000 Parents and other guardians of children worldwide. I expectrepparttar 108517 number to increase dramatically inrepparttar 108518 next six months and beyond, because I'm going to be doing big promotions.

When I first started this publication I thought I'd be sharing lessons on how to raise a child. I do have some 25 years' experience. Although I do continue to give tips and opinions, I soon discoveredrepparttar 108519 real reason I felt driven to write EP - I am Parents' Cheerleader! In addition to encouraging Parents to be their best, I make sure they know I appreciate their effort and that I value them, right here, right now.

HC: Explainrepparttar 108520 International Parental Network to us.

The JB International Parenting Network isrepparttar 108521 culmination of a dream. It's my new web site -- -- and a natural extension of EP. Here, a visitor will find free Family-oriented articles about travel, party plans, collectibles, recipes for holidays and everydays, and Riddles forrepparttar 108522 Kiddles (my pet name for young children :)

There is also a collection of Joan's Positive Parenting Letters,repparttar 108523 EP archive and fun contests for cash and prizes. The Halloween contest is up now -- -- and First Prize is $75!

HC: You have not always been a writer. I see remnants of a teacher, toy designer, salesperson, mentor, and fundraiser. What is your greatest strength?

Joan: My greatest strength isrepparttar 108524 ability to dream a dream, an abstract, and create concrete results even though it may not be easy and might take a very long time. How do I do that? Keeping allrepparttar 108525 above in mind, there is really only one rule: Never, never, never, ever give up!

I think every successful entrepreneur, and now 'netrepreneur' follows that rule.

HC: What is your greatest product thus far? Is it writing or one of your other endeavors?

Joan: My most important achievement by today's or any day's standard is this: I've been married all my adult life torepparttar 108526 same man - my first and only true love, my Bill. A man of few words, he says that only one word definesrepparttar 108527 way to a successful marriage or any lasting relationship - Respect. I agree.

Together we raised five children - a son and four daughters, all brave, good and self-supporting adults now. That's achievement Number Two. They have given us seven brilliant grandchildren who are our pleasure.

After those Life achievements I would say writing TEACH ME, I'M YOURS: IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO BE SMART, YOU BE THE FIRST TEACHER! (TMIY) took more dedication and more determination than any other writing project to date. I recently revised, updated and enlarged this book, and it now contains 300 pages and over 200 tested exercises, games, songs and lessons. In January, 2001 I'll begin TMIY classes using streaming audio on my web site. To be able to use my teaching skills to share information with Parents is an honor and a privilege.

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