Benefits of Bee Pollen Supplementation

Written by Josie Anderson

Since ancient time bee pollen has been considered as an ultimate health food in many ancient text and legends. Bee pollen has since then been praised as being a healing agent for many other ailments.

Bee pollen has about 45 calories in one Tablespoon. Bee Pollen contains many essential nutrients including 22 amino acids, bioflavonoids, natural antibiotics, hormones, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and EFA’s.

Bee Pollen Benefits

Animal Studies suggest that bee pollen may help with weight loss. But there are no studies showing bee pollen’s effect on human metabolism. Some reports do show that bee pollen may help withrepparttar appetite control in humans.

Bee Pollen has been touted to increase energy levels and increase performance, thus making it a favorite supplement among bodybuilders and other athletes. Performance Enhancement has been attributed torepparttar 149060 use of bee pollen. It has been shown to produce an accelerated rate of recovery, and those not receiving bee pollen supplementation have shown declining performance rates and recovery.

Bee Pollen also has been used in Europe andrepparttar 149061 US as a treatment for prostate enlargement, prostatitis, and other prostate problems.

Weight Loss and Disease – It’s not the food that’s killing us!

Written by Greg Ryan - High Profile Fitness Expert

Whether coming from a close friend,repparttar nightly news or from a letter inrepparttar 149059 mail, it’s hard to facerepparttar 149060 truth at times. Hearing it can really cut torepparttar 149061 core of our beings. Today, fitness books are mostly filled with advertisements, pill pushers and unrealistic programs that give people false hope. My intention is to give you real hope and with that you’ll get straight talk.

It is not my intention to force anything on you or to come across in a harsh way. Whilerepparttar 149062 words may be tough to hear, understand I don’t know how else to say what I have observed for all these years. We Americans have been HAD because we have not receivedrepparttar 149063 truth about what it really takes to be fit and to stay healthy. Quick fixes abound, butrepparttar 149064 truth is there are no quick fixes that really work…or that last. It is my responsibility as a fitness professional to provide you withrepparttar 149065 facts. It is my hope that you read this with an open mind and that you understand if you don’t do anything about your health today, tomorrow you may say, “If only I had known.”

Why have I allowed myself to get into this shape?

With life comes responsibility and with decisions comes consequences. It’s your choice today to do something positive. Tomorrow it may be out of your hands. There are three underlying emotions that keep us from taking better care of ourselves: denial, pride, and laziness. Consciously or subconsciously, this threesome isrepparttar 149066 root of why most Americans have allowed themselves to get inrepparttar 149067 shape they are in. Are you one of them?

Chances are sooner or later one or all three will be riding with you inrepparttar 149068 car torepparttar 149069 hospital. Have you found yourself saying these things?

“My diet is not that bad.” “A few trips torepparttar 149070 fast food joint once in awhile won’t hurt.” “My blood pressure is fine today. It wouldn’t hurt if I skipped a day of taking my medication.” “My New Year’s resolution next month is to get in better shape.” “Why have I let myself get this out of shape?


“It won’t happen to me…no way, no how!”

Unfortunately, it is what we cannot see that is killing us. Our insides are getting eaten away because of our lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Society is so concerned with extreme makeover television shows that we have been caught off guard withrepparttar 149071 silent killers: heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Even ifrepparttar 149072 outside looks good,repparttar 149073 damage is still done inside our bodies. Over time we have made ourselves feel comfortable with certain lifestyle habits. We overlookrepparttar 149074 long-term consequences of our behaviors. We see things going on around us, but we continue to put off exercise and eating better for another day. Out ofrepparttar 149075 three, Denial isrepparttar 149076 sneakiest beast of them all.

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