Benefit of Pilates

Written by Gary Gresham

One ofrepparttar main benefits of Pilates is it refreshes your physical and mental well-being. Pilates is a series of controlled movements that uniterepparttar 148682 body and mind and creates a direct connection torepparttar 148683 muscles. The benefit of Pilates is it helps condition your body without punishing it. It is designed to stretch and strengthen muscle without adding bulk. The Pilates abdominal exercises require mental concentration along with coordinated breathing beginning inrepparttar 148684 body's core (abdomen, back and buttocks) to build a balanced strength and agility in your body. Joseph Pilates, a legendary physical trainer, developed this exercise system inrepparttar 148685 1920's. Pilates routines can benefit men and women of any age no matter what physical condition you are in. It was designed for people who recognizerepparttar 148686 importance of providing a firm support system forrepparttar 148687 spine. Pilates movement places its focus onrepparttar 148688 body's core. It worksrepparttar 148689 deep muscles inrepparttar 148690 body creating a strong center. Pilates is more precise movements rather than a lot of repetitions of an exercise. It adds heightened body awareness and control becauserepparttar 148691 mind engagesrepparttar 148692 body during movement. Controlled breathing accompanies that movement. One ofrepparttar 148693 exciting aspects of Pilates is that almost anyone can do it. There is no bouncing, jarring or stress to your body and it can be done almost anywhere at anytime.

Bodybuilding Training Tips From a Champion!

Written by Greg Ryan - High profile fitness expert!

Twenty two years ago I feel intorepparttar world of bodybuilding by accident. I had absolutely no discipline, determination or confidence in myself. After many championships, Television shows, movie star clients and successful businesses here are a few training tips that have kept me going all these years.

1.MORE THAN JUST LOOKS: Realize exercise is more than just having a great physique. It is about strengtheningrepparttar 148681 mind and heart and soul.

2.KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN MIND: You will have good days and bad days. One day at a time attitude.

3.BE SOLD OUT! No matter if you are a competitive bodybuilder or just one who does it for a hobby, be sold out for life to exercise.

4.LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. This one will be hard for most of you to do. But to be a champion, you have to get rid of your ego. Your mind is your biggest competitor. In order to improve on your health you need to not be self serving.

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