Believing in Jesus is NOT a Religion, and God is NOT a Christian

Written by Ina Bliss

What arerepparttar major misconceptions by ignorant atheists [Less than 4% ofrepparttar 126968 world population (]? The ‘fact’ that we are primarily body, and spirituality comes second isrepparttar 126969 first and most important mistake of all withrepparttar 126970 biggest consequence of falsehood. When they talk about Jesus’(and His so-called Church’s) violence againstrepparttar 126971 human body, they misconstrue that human life is ‘sacred’. Wrong, people. Our spiritual life is sacred, and human (3-dimensional) life is temporary. We will all inevitably return torepparttar 126972 spiritual realm, whether you like it or not. You may go through ‘hell’ on earth already, for love and happiness are ONLY possible with and through Jesus, and that is stillrepparttar 126973 law.

But, you don’t have to, for our Creator has sent Him to us as His first-born, for our support and guidance. Jesus was here to present a wake-up call: “Hey, y’all, forgetrepparttar 126974 ten commandments; they did not work. You are (wo)men, you remain sinners, period.

“Watch me! First, I am going intorepparttar 126975 desert and not eat for 40 days, so that I can be extremely exhausted and challenged by temptation. What am I showing you and my heavenly father? That my body means squat, and I am here to demonstrate a higher cause.

“When I perform a wonder next, such as making a blind man see, I really mean to get humanity to understand that there is a ‘third’ eye forrepparttar 126976 spiritual realm and understanding. I am frustrated that my ministry is limited torepparttar 126977 physical stuff, and have to go away by myself to pray, many times.

“Finally I am going to die a bloody death onrepparttar 126978 cross, because I once and for all want to take your attention away(!) from ‘SIN’ by ‘taking it upon myself’, and let you watch my ascension back torepparttar 126979 spiritual realm later.

"I proclaimed my NEW covenant of LOVE & HOPE. But, did you guys get it? NO! To most, it meant, yeah, right, they tell us that this dude went up. But I ain’t believing that. Or, maybe it was possible for Him, due to His connections, but I’m not made fromrepparttar 126980 same stuff.

Islam as a Religion of Tolerance and Moderation

Written by David F. Duncan

Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl has been described as "the most important and influential Islamic thinker inrepparttar modern age." An accomplished Islamic jurist and scholar, he received formal training in Islamic jurisprudence in Egypt and Kuwait as well as holding degrees from Yale, Princeton, andrepparttar 126967 University of Pennsylvania School of Law. He is currentlyrepparttar 126968 Omar and Azmeralda Alfi Distinguished Fellow in Islamic Law atrepparttar 126969 UCLA School of Law. Before joiningrepparttar 126970 faculty at UCLA, he taught Islamic law atrepparttar 126971 University of Texas at Austin Law School, Yale Law School and Princeton University.

Inrepparttar 126972 extended essay that begins his book, The Place of Tolerance in Islam, Dr. Abou El Fadl argues thatrepparttar 126973 post-September 11th image of Islam as a reactionary, intolerant, and violent religion does not accurately representrepparttar 126974 real traditional belief of Muslims. Torepparttar 126975 contrary, he declares his "unwavering conviction that I belong to a great moral humanistic tradition." Traditional Islamic jurists, he writes, "tolerated and even celebrated divergent opinions and schools of thought."

Duringrepparttar 126976 first centuries of Islam, clerics underwent a lengthy and intellectually demanding training that included an open discussion of differing viewpoints and interpretations. This training prepared them to be community leaders and judges in disputes between their coreligionists. Asrepparttar 126977 secular authority in Muslim states grew increasingly powerful, centralized, and autocratic, Muslim clergy lost much of their authority, producing "a profound vacuum in religious authority" and "a state of virtual anarchy in modern Islam."

Asrepparttar 126978 Muslim clergy were increasingly marginalized,repparttar 126979 great centers of learning at which they were trained became equally marginalized and more and more clerics were self-declared holy men with little or no formmal training. Consequently, amateurish interpretations of Islam, exemplified by those of Osama bin Laden, gained sway over theologically illiterate Muslims justifiably angry atrepparttar 126980 poverty and powerlessness they experienced in comparison to citizens ofrepparttar 126981 U.S. and other Western nations.

Dr. Abou El Fadl is particularly critical of Wahhabism -- a puritanical revision of Islam propagated byrepparttar 126982 Saudi monarchy. While Wahhabism claims to berepparttar 126983 "straight path" of Islam, it is, according to Abou El Fadl, an abberant form of Islam, forged inrepparttar 126984 18th-century slaughter of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. To call it "fundamentalist," he asserts, is misleading, since it flouts fundamental Islamic truths and distorts Islam by rejecting "any attempt to interpretrepparttar 126985 divine law historically or contextually."

He quotes specific passages to show thatrepparttar 126986 Quran declares diversity among peoples to be Allah's divine intent. Further, contrary to what you may have been taught in a high school history class,repparttar 126987 Quran opposes forced conversion of others to Islam, as practiced byrepparttar 126988 Taliban. In fact,repparttar 126989 Quran explicitly states that Jews and Christians as well as Muslimswill go to Heaven.

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