Belief, Faiths and CONS

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The CON in CONstructs:

There are many esoteric wisdom schools and many divisions or a hierarchy in each one of them. Some ofrepparttar initiates think they are all-knowing once they see what their school has placed inrepparttar 141169 ether to make them think what they want to think. Carl Jung describes something related to this in his forward to The Tibetan Book ofrepparttar 141170 Dead. He makes it clear that once a person is enteringrepparttar 141171 afterlife they will see what they thought they believed or expected to see at first. Astral ‘travelers’ who blunder along with little awareness of history will think they are finding proof of God or alien involvement in Earth’s cultural development. The magicians and priesthoods ofrepparttar 141172 past were well aware most people ‘traveled’ every night. Inrepparttar 141173 pre-Christian era this ‘travel’ was conscious and most people were more adept and aware. The Thoth-Hermes or Imhotep-Asklepios intellectual schools which noted historian Michael Grant tells us wasrepparttar 141174 main system of thought inrepparttar 141175 Old World is mirrored throughoutrepparttar 141176 whole world.

The Mediwiwin Society of North America andrepparttar 141177 Toltecs or Chanes/Dragons joinrepparttar 141178 pantheon of adept spiritual scientists that modern quantum physicists noterepparttar 141179 Eastern philosophies were most expressive about. The Mandukya Upanishads,repparttar 141180 I Ching and Tao or Zen – all these systems including Yoga of my early adulthood and search for truth are noted by Capra, Heisenberg, Wigner andrepparttar 141181 likes of Zukav as well as top Nobel Laureates of all hard sciences. It was these schools of philosophy or thought that made me know our history was all made up and not very close to reality. It goes both ways. Knowledge must be checked through other means of awareness and all facts must be included. There should be no anomaly in any true account that understands our culture or science. Belief is ‘closure’ ofrepparttar 141182 mind! But ‘belief’ or ‘Faith in some CON game that Noahdists, Brahmins or other Cabalistic types might have made has a very negative side to it. It buildsrepparttar 141183 kind of obsession and nationalism that leads to Gihads of many kinds. It makes people say they speak for God or ‘consult higher authority’ as they create War on Terra (Or is that Terror?).

“Two key terms for Pisces is Sacrifice and ‘I believe’. Could that berepparttar 141184 lesson ofrepparttar 141185 Piscean age, to sacrifice belief? Byrepparttar 141186 way there is nearly six hundred years ofrepparttar 141187 age of Pisces left to run. To stoprepparttar 141188 indoctrination of our young into established religions, to tell kidsrepparttar 141189 truth and stop trying to build moral conscience throughrepparttar 141190 stick andrepparttar 141191 carrot method of religion. This continual projection of shame, judgement and repression upon people who possess particular abilities is morerepparttar 141192 cause of psychological unsoundness thanrepparttar 141193 ability itself. Yes, as a modern progressive society we are growing into a fuller appreciation that freedom of expression and psychological health go hand in hand but we are still a long way from libertarianism. {Which certain Illuminati say is their front and I know is derived fromrepparttar 141194 Merovingian Physiocratic School that Dupont de Nemours initiated Jefferson into.}We are still a hard punishing lot,repparttar 141195 rule of law of our secular governments simply representing a shift in power base from king and Pope to a ragtag of over-opinionated people sponsored by commercial interest promoting an ethic of self interest.

As long as society in general and us as individuals resort to punishment as a way of modifying human behavior, God asrepparttar 141196 face of human collective unconsciousness,repparttar 141197 universal mind will not be whole and balanced. God will be too ashamed to look at his own face because of how disgusting and uglyrepparttar 141198 not understood aspects of his nature are thought to be. So thererepparttar 141199 God and Devil sit at opposite ends ofrepparttar 141200 same fence, facing away from each other, we forgetting that they are two halves ofrepparttar 141201 one whole. For those who have journeyed alongrepparttar 141202 inner landscapes will know you need to be friends with all aspects of human nature and it isrepparttar 141203 job ofrepparttar 141204 individual to reconcile this split in consciousness and let these two friends, God andrepparttar 141205 Devil go home together.

Once again getting back torepparttar 141206 legends ofrepparttar 141207 enlightened ones who guide mankind,repparttar 141208 secret societies,repparttar 141209 esoteric orders who boast themselves privy to secrets too sacred forrepparttar 141210 uninitiated,repparttar 141211 custodians of spiritual truth,repparttar 141212 mystery schools that demand loyalty upon fear of death. Why would God as collective consciousness dream such groups into existence? For one, these groups have literally cementedrepparttar 141213 inner landscapes with bricks and mortar and sign upon sign. These pioneers of psychic exploration have mappedrepparttar 141214 human subconscious with such dedication that they have made travellingrepparttar 141215 realms, looking for answers possible. These groups provide a double function. They knowrepparttar 141216 direction of man's destiny is going to come throughrepparttar 141217 unravelling of a psychic thread so they promote themselves as custodians ofrepparttar 141218 keys of enlightenment. Their second function is to prevent anyone gaining access to this psychic thread.

More Ark of the Covenant

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

"But there are other difficulties withrepparttar Ark ofrepparttar 141090 Covenant that have to do withrepparttar 141091 possibility that it could have been part ofrepparttar 141092 treasure of Rome brought by Visigoths to Rennes-le-Château. According torepparttar 141093 Old Testament, Exodus,repparttar 141094 Ark ofrepparttar 141095 Covenant was constructed soon afterrepparttar 141096 Israelites had escaped acrossrepparttar 141097 Red Sea from bondage in Egypt.

Modern engineers have been intrigued byrepparttar 141098 specification ofrepparttar 141099 Ark because, ifrepparttar 141100 directions are followed precisely, one ends up making a fairly powerful electrical condenser. It was a box of very specific dimensions made of acacia wood (an insulator). It was covered, inside and out, with gold (an excellent conductor). Ifrepparttar 141101 two surfaces ofrepparttar 141102 gold were separated from each other, then a very powerful condenser of electricity isrepparttar 141103 result. Inrepparttar 141104 dry air ofrepparttar 141105 Middle East, it would accumulate a very powerful charge. (15)

Butrepparttar 141106 Ark was more than just a condenser, it was a 'spark transmitter' roughly tuned to a specific frequency byrepparttar 141107 very precise dimensions given to Moses forrepparttar 141108 basic acacia-wood box. In this matter,repparttar 141109 Ark was similar to early 'cavity tubes' in 1930s radar research whererepparttar 141110 desired radar frequency was obtained by actually machining cavities of various volumes into metal blocks. {So we can see how electricity aidedrepparttar 141111 gold merchants who were plating silver or lead from archaeology, perhaps. We know there are other galvanic and electrical sources for such power as well.} The Ark was a 'cavity' of precise dimensions, and one in a gold-sheathed box.

The Ark also had a top, ofrepparttar 141112 same general construction asrepparttar 141113 basic box. This lid ofrepparttar 141114 box had golden 'cherubim' at each end {Imagine if they were able to induce separate polar charges inrepparttar 141115 'high- spin' atomic state perrepparttar 141116 writings of Gardner from 'science'; into each of these 'cherubim'.} and a 'Mercy Seat.' {Mercy might then be like 'devoted ones' or a form of capital punishment to be used in conjunction with energizingrepparttar 141117 soul be ritual intorepparttar 141118 tubes we hear were receptacles for souls and which may tie in withrepparttar 141119 jade tubes onrepparttar 141120 head ofrepparttar 141121 Prince of Palenque fromrepparttar 141122 'science' segment.} The Bible doesn't tell" us exactly how these components were arranged, or how they were attached torepparttar 141123 Ark's top. It is well to remember that although Moses is supposed to berepparttar 141124 author of Exodus, according to Hebrew tradition,repparttar 141125 earliest known written account dates from almost one thousand years later {And there is uncertainty about who Moses was and when he was around as we have shown. But, his sister was one ofrepparttar 141126 most adept alchemists, I think.}. Moses might not have described everything aboutrepparttar 141127 Ark inrepparttar 141128 first place, but even if he had, it seems probable that some details would have become fuzzy inrepparttar 141129 one thousand years of oral transmission beforerepparttar 141130 story was written down.

Without assuming any 'secret' or 'unknown' components at all, but working only withrepparttar 141131 Ark as described, only two assumptions are necessary in order to construct a fairly powerful spark transmitter. One assumption is that an ancient, pliable insulating material was available so thatrepparttar 141132 parts ofrepparttar 141133 Ark could be attached in ways that both insulated them from, and conducted them to,repparttar 141134 basic box condenser-cavity-frequency- modulator in order to produce a 'circuit'. Such an insulating material was widely available torepparttar 141135 ancient Israelites and Egyptians--bitumen, tar. {For example Sodom and Gomorrah and what is now Iraq is populated with tar pits. Pitch fires of a continual nature existed in places likerepparttar 141136 La Brea Tar Pits for eons and would have provided early man with fire, too.} And we don't need to assume that artisans and priests inrepparttar 141137 ancient Middle East used bitumen to insulate and to seal simple electrical devices.

Wet-cell electric batteries, using acidic citrus juice as an electrolyte, were discovered in a Baghdad museum. (16) They were sealed with bitumen, andrepparttar 141138 internal electrodes were insulated from each other with bitumen. These primitive batteries have been dated to about A.D. 700. But fundamental electric devices were used much earlier than that. Tiny golden beads from XVIII Dynasty Egypt (c.1550 B.C.) were found to have only a thin coating of gold over some base metal {We showed Ashkelon had a calf of Ba'al with silver plating from Phoenicians andrepparttar 141139 National Geographic in 'science'. The Phocaeans had mass produced electrum plated coinage first according to Michael Grant, etc., etc.}. The beads are so small, and also without any sort of seam or hammered edge torepparttar 141140 gold layer, thatrepparttar 141141 gold could have been applied only by electroplating. (17) Given a citrus-juice battery like those of Baghdad {Where a printed circuit in a museum was thought to be embroidery by archaeologists until a computer expert saw it.}, electroplating of gold would not have been difficult. So we don't have to assume an electrical insulating material, and we don't have to assume basic knowledge of electricity in Middle Eastern antiquity. We know it.

The second assumption is that there were instructions, or a model, indicating what was to be insulated with bitumen, and what was to be solidly attached withrepparttar 141142 ubiquitous gold. {They had superconductive knowledge according to Gardner and calcium is useful in these regards.}

Let us consider one 'cherub' at one end ofrepparttar 141143 Ark. These 'cherubim' seem to have beenrepparttar 141144 Egyptian idea of a 'griffon'--an animal with claws and long pointed wings {Important inrepparttar 141145 gargoyle genre of gothic architecture and alchemy.}, a sort of cross between a lion and a hawk. Let us suppose that our cherub at one end ofrepparttar 141146 box had one gold claw connected torepparttar 141147 inner sheet of gold onrepparttar 141148 acacia-wood box, andrepparttar 141149 other claw attached torepparttar 141150 gold sheath onrepparttar 141151 exterior ofrepparttar 141152 acacia box. Further, suppose that this separation was maintained up torepparttar 141153 long wings, which were of gold. Suppose thatrepparttar 141154 wings were hinged or pivoted to be able to 'flap' like a proper cherub. Maybe they were just mounted in a glob of bitumen with bars, wires, or much more flexible leather-sheathed chain-links {Or ultra strong human hair.} of gold maintainingrepparttar 141155 required connections.

Assembled like this, there would be a very formidable spark betweenrepparttar 141156 cherub's pointed gold wings each time they were pushed close together. The Ark would arc--because ofrepparttar 141157 electric charge that had accumulated inrepparttar 141158 condenser. And it would arc according to a rough frequency dictated byrepparttar 141159 dimensions ofrepparttar 141160 Ark's basic cavity. Touchingrepparttar 141161 wings at once with bare hands would have resulted in instant death or burn depending onrepparttar 141162 strength ofrepparttar 141163 charge that had been accumulated. Operatingrepparttar 141164 Ark, or even touching it, would have been a potentially fatal business for anyone not thoroughly initiated into necessary procedures. The Bible mentions at least one instance in which a non-priest fell dead trying to saverepparttar 141165 Ark--the man grabbed it when it was in danger of falling off a wagon. This was inrepparttar 141166 early days of Israelite struggles in Canaan.

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