Being a Disciplined Home Business Boss

Written by Lawrence Roth

Leavingrepparttar corporate world for a home business is exciting. Being oneís own boss and making oneís own decisions is a great feeling. However, one still needs to have discipline to be effective at being a home business boss. In my home business I have found at least two things that one must be persistently disciplined about in order to achieve success.

First isrepparttar 116952 work schedule. A home business like any business requires work and often a lot of work. While it is true you do not have to get up at daybreak and put on a suit and tie to drive to work, one does need to set a work schedule and stick to it. I have set my schedule to work 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. I take an hour for lunch. I require myself to work a minimum of forty hours a week for my home business.

When I first started my home business it was easy to become distracted by things that need to be done aroundrepparttar 116953 house: laundry, dirty dishes, mowingrepparttar 116954 yard, etc. It is very important to treatrepparttar 116955 home business like a regular job and in reality it is a regular job, it just happens to be inrepparttar 116956 home. If you were working for someone else they would not tolerate you going home to clean dishes or mowrepparttar 116957 yard, so to be a disciplined home business boss and do not allow yourself to do things other than working on your home business.

The second is in regards to interruptions. I have found it absolutely amazing that family and friends seem to think that just because you stay a home duringrepparttar 116958 day that you have nothing else to do. When I first started working at home I was surprised atrepparttar 116959 many requests my family and friends had of my time. My best advice, which was given to me by another home business worker, is, ĎIf they are not on fire or if they are not bleeding they do not need your attention.Ē Now donít takerepparttar 116960 statement literally but what it basically means is, unless it is a real emergency do not let your family and friends interrupt your work schedule.

What does it take to make money online?

Written by Darrell Knox

What a loaded question! Letís narrow that down a bit and take it fromrepparttar perspective of someone who wants to work from home and make money online in a home business. That will make it an easier question to answer.

Letís assume youíve never had a website, donít know how to get a merchant account, donít know html, and are pretty much stuck with being an expert on sending and receiving email.

Whatís there for you to do online to make money? Lots, in fact! These days are not at all like a couple of years ago or even six months ago. If I only had allrepparttar 116951 opportunities to make money online when I started marketing!

Here is a list of things you can do with just a website and a hosting account today:

Sell affiliate products (products like reports, ebooks, hard goods of every conceivable make, model, size, shape and function, and much, much more). Sell services (do you know how big a business being a Virtual Assistant is these days? Itís quite amazing what you can do for people without ever meeting them face-to-face, anywhere in repparttar 116952 world!) Online auctions (Ebay has made thousands and thousands of people full-time incomes from auctioning collectibles, antiques, and even brand new equipment and gadgets of all imaginable types. You name it, it has been sold on Ebay!) Membership sites: Know of any groups of people that would love to get insider information on virtually any topic? You could make money online with a membership site!

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