Being Successful & Being Nice

Written by Susan Dunn, M. A.

"If you are successful, you may win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway." -- Mother Teresa

I was surfingrepparttar Internetrepparttar 131287 other day, and since EQ (emotional intelligence) is my field, I was looking at an EQ site. The person, who was an aspiring corporate coach, said, "EQ. It's not soft." What does that have to do withrepparttar 131288 quote from Mother Teresa and what is this all about?

Often people are confused about what's "soft" and what's -- well, whateverrepparttar 131289 opposite of opposite of that is. Essentially it's a question of how to keep boundaries and still be a nice person. That is, "liked". How to succeed and not lose something of value in doing so.

Since Mother Teresa is everyone's favorite candidate for sainthood, perhaps you'll find her statement surprising, as I did. It's also enlightening. This woman, who engaged in good works, manifesting hope in near-hopeless situations, was evidently "hard as nails". Well, come to think of it, she'd have to be. She was clear about her expectations and her boundaries. She looked reality right square inrepparttar 131290 face with that statement, and gives us permission to go ahead and succeed. How else can we help ourselves and others? How else can we make a difference inrepparttar 131291 world and life fulfilling lives?

Resilience: An Emotional Intelligence Competency We Need Today

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

We are focusing more now on emotional intelligence (EQ), as it becomes increasingly evident that it can berepparttar crucial factor in determining success and happiness in our careers and relationships. Once we haverepparttar 131285 fundamentals in place--education, expertise, and skills--how we handle ourselves and others is what makesrepparttar 131286 difference.

Resilience is an important EQ competency. It means being able to bounce back after setbacks, failures, disappointments and losses. It means not giving up, and continuing to facerepparttar 131287 future with optimism and courage despite events. Because life will have its ups and downs, one ofrepparttar 131288 most important things we can do is learn how to bolster our resilience. We can do this by understandingrepparttar 131289 competencies that make people resilient and then working with a coach to improve our skills in these areas.

Being resilient is going to be extremely important inrepparttar 131290 future asrepparttar 131291 pace of change continues to escalate.

People who arerepparttar 131292 most resilient have these competencies:

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