Being Sensitive and Kind

Written by Birmingham UK Com

I am very caring and sensitive. I think this is in part down to my tough upbringing. I worked on a cabbage farm since I was eight years old. My father was a dour and God fearing Evangalist who married a one armed Yugoslavian peasant from Skopje. She never spoke a word of English and still doesn't.

My father moved on inrepparttar late 1980's having eloped with a Tibetan Monk. I never heard from them again but I escaped fromrepparttar 118112 cabbages. I was an only child until my mother re married again and I now have 4 step sisters and 3 step brothers.

I washed cars inrepparttar 118113 biting winds ofrepparttar 118114 North East coast to earn money forrepparttar 118115 family and despite looking after my mother and her young siblings I was thrown out of house and home atrepparttar 118116 age of 18.

I moved to London and was going to sleep rough. Since then I have encountered nothing but kindness. I remember my first day inrepparttar 118117 capital. It was just after Halloween in 1987 and I found this old pumpkin which I wanted to slice up into pieces so I borrowed a meat cleaver I found atrepparttar 118118 back ofrepparttar 118119 Chinese Restaurant and as I was returning torepparttar 118120 rubbish skip forrepparttar 118121 pumpkin I bumped into a man who looked at me without saying a word and handed merepparttar 118122 total contents of his wallet. Can you believe it. I am sure that meat cleaver was lucky.

With this kind donation I checked into a hotel. What luxury. I had never been in a hotel before. They had this thing called a bidet with fresh water pouring out of it that you could drink from.

Onrepparttar 118123 second night I was inrepparttar 118124 lobby trying on some sun glasses that I never intended to buy and doing my best James Bond impression and watching my reflection offrepparttar 118125 shop window. I wondered if I could become an actor. Out ofrepparttar 118126 blue a total stranger walks up to me and in perfect Slav he hands me a suitcase, shakes my hand and thanks me for all my work forrepparttar 118127 motherland. I thanked him also and praisedrepparttar 118128 motherland profusely. I felt so good and warm that someone appreciated me and I never hadrepparttar 118129 heart to tell this person that I didn't know what he meant. So uncanny that he should speak in a language I understood so well. It was almost as if he had singled me out from amongstrepparttar 118130 crowd.

Sales Appointment - The Dog

Written by Birmingham UK Com

I once found myself in a rough area of town on a business appointment. My directions told me that I was to visit a corner shop and talk torepparttar owner about some new financing forrepparttar 118111 purchase of his property.

Eventually I foundrepparttar 118112 battered shop in a local street known as 'bomb alley'. Litter was all overrepparttar 118113 place and there were at least 3 abandoned cars inrepparttar 118114 road.

I knocked onrepparttar 118115 Corner Shop door, it was after closing time but I had been assured thatrepparttar 118116 occupants would be in. Sure enough I heard scuffling around inside as my customer fumbled with his door keys.

He was a man in his mid 30's, scruffy looking but amiable enough. As he ushered me inside his dog rushed past and made a bee line forrepparttar 118117 living room. The guy was a kind enough soul. First thing he did was offer me a cup of tea.

I got about half way through my presentation before it happened. His dog suddenly shit inrepparttar 118118 corner ofrepparttar 118119 room and then wandered off upstairs. I couldn't believe it. I was horrified. What was worse is thatrepparttar 118120 man didn't appear to be all that concerned. I tried my best to carry on but both he and I were a little uncomfortable from that point. I really began to wish I was someplace else.

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