Being Self-Employed Brings You a Whole New Level of Stress Management

Written by Kate Smalley

Being Self-Employed Brings You a Whole New Level of Stress Management

Being self-employed, or freelancing is a truly unique environment in which to work. Basically, you wake up every morning and “reinventrepparttar wheel.” That means that you begin every day knowing that you’ll be required to provide your customers with something they feel that they can’t live without. That’s not an easy thing for your stress level to handle.

Being self-employed is synonymous with long hours, and working through those days that you really should have taken off. It means that your stomach is repeatedly in knots andrepparttar 117063 adrenaline just doesn’t flow anymore.

If this describes you, you’re not alone.

Working for oneself from home, in front ofrepparttar 117064 computer on weekdays and weekends is becoming evermore popular thanks torepparttar 117065 internet andrepparttar 117066 World Wide Web. However, with this ever growing popularity of independence, comesrepparttar 117067 increasing build of stress.

Symptoms of high stress in those who are self-employed include:

* The inability to concentrate * The general feeling of being uptight * Biting everyone’s head off * Aching shoulders and neck * A constant headache * Indecisiveness * Fatigue * Insomnia

Promote your site: 10 Tips For Reciprocal Links

Written by James Elliot

Reciprocal links are one ofrepparttar most common and most effective forms of website promotion. When sites trade links, they both benefit by sharing some traffic directly and getting noticed more favourably byrepparttar 117062 search engines.

Reciprocal Links help you improve search engine ranking and generate more traffic to your web site. The quality and quantity of reciprocal links with other web sites allows you to increase your link popularity. Increasing your link popularity will drive more traffic to your web site as more visitors will click through to your web site and better search engine ranking will result bringing more targeted traffic. Withrepparttar 117063 increasing competition, getting a good ranking inrepparttar 117064 search engines is important. If you really want a high rank position withrepparttar 117065 search engines and more traffic to your web site, you need to work out a focused linking strategy to establish reciprocal links with other web sites. I know that exchanging links is not simple and take time, but isrepparttar 117066 best time investment you will ever do.

The basic concept is simple - you link my site, I'll link yours and we'll both get an increase in traffic. I have exchanged many links in my web-based career.

Here are 10 tips from my experience ...

1) Findrepparttar 117067 right site to do a reciprocal link exchange with. Definerepparttar 117068 kinds of sites with which you want to trade links. These sites are normally in your website's category of interest, or sites that you feel your visitors might find interesting.

2) If you are atrepparttar 117069 beginning of promoting your site and want to see results soon, exchange links with popular and quality web sites. This doesn’t mean that popular web sites will accept that, but you have to try. Don’t hesitate. Lots of popular web sites that are in another category of interest, maybe accept exchange link with you. It’s your decision …

3) When you contactrepparttar 117070 webmaster ofrepparttar 117071 other site, you should be kind. Tell him that you run a site that has a similar topic and describe your site a bit. Say that you like his site and have included a link to it in your site (give himrepparttar 117072 address ofrepparttar 117073 page whererepparttar 117074 link is), then ask him to returnrepparttar 117075 favour by linking to your site. If you never get a reply or your proposal gets rejected, just forget it and find another site.

4) Never be disappointed! There are a lot of webmasters who will exchange links with you.

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