Being Other Focused

Written by Kevin Eikenberry

Being "Other" Focused

Inrepparttar Wall Street Journal, Franklin Lavin, U.S. Ambassabor to Singapore wroterepparttar 146901 Manager's Journal column about some ofrepparttar 146902 things he learned fromrepparttar 146903 late President Reagan while working on his staff.

******** PLEASE NOTE ************

If you are thinking about moving on from this article because of your feelings aboutrepparttar 146904 politics of President Reagan, please don't. The lesson I am about to share isn't about politics or partisan-ship, or any of those things.


It is about caring.

About being focused on others.

It is a lesson for all leaders.

Lavin shares a story about an appearancerepparttar 146905 President was making at an Alabama school for handicapped children. The event was going super well, until one ofrepparttar 146906 children with a severe speech impediment asked a question ofrepparttar 146907 President. No one inrepparttar 146908 audience could understand andrepparttar 146909 room became tense. The President asked him to repeatrepparttar 146910 question, andrepparttar 146911 energy inrepparttar 146912 room was further dampened. Again, no one understood.

Here is how Lavin tells what happened next, "The teachers froze. What was to have been an upbeat day was turning into a disaster... Reagan torepparttar 146913 rescue. 'I'm sorry' he said with a smile, 'but you know I've got this hearing aid in my ear. Every once in awhilerepparttar 146914 darn thing just conks out on me. And it's just gone dead. Sorry to put you through this again, but I'm going to ask one of my staff people to go over to you so you can tell them directly what your question is. Then he can pass it back to me.'"

Got a Meeting Planned? Ask This Question

Written by Kevin Eikenberry

Meetings – they are a fact of our business lives. And whilerepparttar number of meetings andrepparttar 146900 amount of time you spend in them may vary based on your job title, it is hard to argue that they are a significant part of business life today.

Anything that consumes a major chunk of our time is ripe for analysis and is likely a great source of productivity improvement. And meetings are no exception.

Even a casual conversation about business life will soon get torepparttar 146901 frustrations and challenges people experience in meetings. You will quickly hear things like:

“They are such a waste of time.”

“We never seem to finish anything.”

“We just spend too much time in meetings.”

“How can I get my work done when I spend all my time in meetings?”

“I’m not sure why I was at that meeting.”

I’ll bet you’ve said or thought one or more of these things yourself.

In my experience, there are several questions we can ask to help improverepparttar 146902 effectiveness of our meetings. But one of those should clearly come first. It isrepparttar 146903 question we should ask atrepparttar 146904 very start of planning any meeting. Answering this question carefully isrepparttar 146905 fastest way to improve our meetings.

The First Question

Do we need a meeting?

Too often people don’t ask this question. They have information to share, a problem to solve, or a question to consider and so they do what they always do – they schedule a meeting. We do this for many reasons, including:

-Wanting everyone to be involved

-Not wanting someone to feel left out

-Wanting everyone to buy-in torepparttar 146906 results ofrepparttar 146907 meeting

Andrepparttar 146908 most common reason, habit.

We schedule meetings because that is what we have always done.

How to Answerrepparttar 146909 Question

The first hurdle is to askrepparttar 146910 question. Once you have asked yourselfrepparttar 146911 question, you need to know what to consider when answeringrepparttar 146912 question. Think about:

Geographic location of information/participants. If your whole group is located together this is less of an issue, but it is a definite consideration if your people are spread out or travel regularly.

Number of people affected. Ifrepparttar 146913 number of people affected byrepparttar 146914 issue or information is really large,repparttar 146915 method of sharing information might be different, alternatively ifrepparttar 146916 number affected is small, getting them together might berepparttar 146917 best answer.

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