Behavioral Strategy: Avoid the Grey Areas and Deal Only with Black & White

Written by Dr. Charles Sophy

Oh Please, Don't Say Maybe!!!!

Are you often a participant in an unraveling parent-child interaction? Well you’re not alone. Interactions between parents and their children often transgress before our eyes.

All children's first years should be filled with verbal stimulation to build language and literacy skills. Each day should be full of discovery and offer opportunities to gain new skills and learn new concepts. Talking to your children openly and honestly and encouraging verbal interaction is a critical component of healthy and successful development. Sometimes, though, a parent-child interaction spins quickly out of control and leavesrepparttar parent wondering "What happened? I thought I had this under control?"

All too oftenrepparttar 141896 origin ofrepparttar 141897 conflict is established byrepparttar 141898 use of one simple word: "Maybe." This one uncomplicated morsel of verbiage hasrepparttar 141899 power to evoke quite a forceful reaction at times. “Why?” you may question. The answer is as absolute as your response should be to your child: You just don't userepparttar 141900 "maybe" word.

Raising a child is probablyrepparttar 141901 most gratifying job any of us will ever have -- and one ofrepparttar 141902 toughest. We live in an increasingly complex world that challenges us every day with a wide range of issues that are difficult for children to understand and for adults to explain. The issues are biggies: terrorism, war, AIDs, sex, death, and a host of other sensitive topics that just didn’t exist when we were growing up.

The Fathers Day Celebration

Written by Angela Renee

Fathers Day is another reason to celebrate another responsible adult inrepparttar family. If some of our media sources would have it though, you would think that there are no real fathers around to celebrate on Fathers Day.

Sure there may be many deadbeats who not only have never given a bath, given pep talks to their children or never cooked a meal for their family but there are way, way more good Fathers willing to go that very last mile for their family! But for some very odd reason, it is not publicized likerepparttar 141895 negatives around fathers.

So what can you do to honorrepparttar 141896 father in your life who's willing to run torepparttar 141897 store inrepparttar 141898 middle ofrepparttar 141899 night for a last minute treat? So what can you do to honorrepparttar 141900 father who figures out how to pay that unexpected bill? So what can you really do to honorrepparttar 141901 father who makes sure if it's within his powers to make sure his family has a place to sleep, food to eat and more, honor him and here are some suggestions;

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