Beginning With Phonics Instruction

Written by Mary Joyce

Some children are just natural readers. They love to explore different books and are always picking up reading skills just by naturally being involved and around reading environments. Other kids have more difficulty withrepparttar printed language and need to relate a sound to a particular configuration of alphabet and letters. This will berepparttar 149050 essence of your phonics instruction. It is these phonics skills that enable kids to sound outrepparttar 149051 words and letters that they see. As a parent, this can be a very effective way to getrepparttar 149052 child started reading. Helpingrepparttar 149053 child sound outrepparttar 149054 words and letters that they see... Phonics.

Generally withinrepparttar 149055 subject of phonics,repparttar 149056 best place to begin is by teachingrepparttar 149057 childrepparttar 149058 short vowel sounds. The long vowel sounds are just a repeat ofrepparttar 149059 alphabetic letter itself. A good way to get and keeprepparttar 149060 childís interest duringrepparttar 149061 phonics process is to use examples (pictures or something tangible aroundrepparttar 149062 house) of something that interests them. For example, most children will exhibit a high interest in animals. As a general rule, try to keep your phonics examples theme related. The repetition of learningrepparttar 149063 various phonics sounds is reinforced much sooner whenrepparttar 149064 examples you are using followrepparttar 149065 same type of theme. This limitsrepparttar 149066 potential for confusion and loss of interest that may occur if you jump all over with seemingly unrelated items.

Whether To Homeschool Your Child

Written by Mary Joyce

One ofrepparttar first questions you need to ponder when deciding whether to homeschool your child is to define to yourself what exactly is homeschooling to you. What does it mean to you to homeschool your child? If you canít pin down exactly what your definition of homeschooling is, then you will struggle withrepparttar 149049 very decision you are trying to make. And thatís justrepparttar 149050 beginning.

You wonít be able to make clear cut decisions onrepparttar 149051 other aspects of homeschooling that need to be answered downrepparttar 149052 road. Such as: what type of homeschool curriculum (pre-packaged or non at all)? What type of homeschool teaching methodology do I use? If you canít answer these questions then you wonít be able to determine what type of resources should I target to research or what type of homeschool materials and homeschool supplemental materials should I purchase?

Another critical question to ask yourself is how much do I enjoy being around my children? Now wait a moment... Youíre probably sayingÖ What on earth kind of question it that! Of course, I love my children! Understood, but think of that question inrepparttar 149053 context of being around your children 'roundrepparttar 149054 clock with sometimes... no breaks.

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