Beginners - Getting Listed In Search Engines

Written by Jean Sutherland

Once you have your web site complete and ready to be listed you need to take a slow step by step approach to get listed inrepparttar search engines. If you do it rightrepparttar 128262 first time and then build on that formula, your profits and your site will benefit inrepparttar 128263 long run. Those willing to spendrepparttar 128264 time and put these techniques into practice arerepparttar 128265 ones that will benefit and are more likely to be successful.

1. Your first page is where search engines will start and making sure that this page is fully optimized is one of your first goals. What's optimization your ask? It's making your site as search engine friendly as possible. You will also see people refer to this inrepparttar 128266 short form of SEO.

Your first step isrepparttar 128267 TITLE TAG. This is one item that search engines look for to start getting information about what your site is about. It is also what search engines will show above a clickable line on their results page. It is also a major consideration of where you will rank when certain inquiries are made ofrepparttar 128268 search engine. TITLE TAGS are one ofrepparttar 128269 major things to concentrate on and to make sure that you get it right. Doing so will result in not only better placement inrepparttar 128270 search engine, but enticing descriptions will also result in more people clicking on your link and visiting your site.

Take a look at what your competition is doing in order to get some ideas for your site. To see their TITLE TAG go to their web site and in IE or Netscape click on View then Source and you will be able to see their TITLE TAG. Don't copy theirs, but let this help you get some ideas for your own site.

2. Putting keyword phrases into your pages - Findingrepparttar 128271 perfect set of keywords for your web pages and knowingrepparttar 128272 right keywords to use is very important because your site should provide people with what they are looking for. A free program to help you can be found at: Good Keywords makes use of various tools provided by search engines like Yahoo, Google, Teoma and other services like Alexa. Using Good Keywords makes it all very simple, fast and straight forward. Just remember...don't over do it or you will be penalized.

3. Writing your web page copy - Your next step is to incorporate those keywords intorepparttar 128273 copy on your web site. This is extremely important as search engines need to see these keywords on your page so they can then analyze these words and decide where your site should be listed in their categories. Write your content aroundrepparttar 128274 keywords and use them as many times as possible, keeping in mind though...that it is not just a search engine that is readingrepparttar 128275 copy but also your visitor.

4. META TAGS - Meta tags provide search engines with information aboutrepparttar 128276 content and purpose of a Web site. A Web site that uses meta tags torepparttar 128277 best of their ability will appear more often in search results and will also be seen closer torepparttar 128278 top on those search results. Many people feel that stuffing keywords intorepparttar 128279 meta tags will help improve their rankings. The original idea behind meta tags was to give a way to classifyrepparttar 128280 web site. The problem now is that many engines don't consider meta tags to be as relevant torepparttar 128281 ranking, therefore they give them less weight overall because ofrepparttar 128282 keyword stuffing techniques used. That's not to say that you still shouldn't use meta tags, just consider to use them for what they were originally intended - that is to give your site an accurate title and description with a few keywords (3 or 4 phrases max) outlining whatrepparttar 128283 page, or site is about.

5. ALT TAGS - The ALT tag or 'alternative text' is an attribute ofrepparttar 128284 IMG tag. (Any graphic on your web site) An ALT tag should be included for every image within your web site. The ALT tag provides an alternate message to your viewers who can't see your graphics. Without ALT tags, images on a web site are meaningless to these users. If you will be using a graphic menu systems for navigation, these alternate messages are an especially important aid to users withoutrepparttar 128285 ability to see your graphics. Adding an appropriate ALT tag to every image within your web site will make a huge difference torepparttar 128286 accessibility of your web site. Also, for those who use Yahoo and Google image searches, your ALT Tags can be very important and will help bring traffic to your site. Take for instance one of my sites - I have loads of graphics of different resort spas andrepparttar 128287 graphics all carryrepparttar 128288 name ofrepparttar 128289 resort. People looking for information on this resort may easily end up at my website because I names a picture withrepparttar 128290 name ofrepparttar 128291 resort.

Search Engine Friendly Free Content

Written by Michael A. Domeck

As you add content to your site wouldn’t it be nice if it: * Was highly relevant to your content? * Was written for you so you could be doing other things? * The type content thatrepparttar Search Engines would rank high? * Content that was constantly fresh and relevant for your visitors? * The type content that makes visitors want to come back everyday to read?

If you can answer yes to just some ofrepparttar 128261 above questions then you need to read on. This is a little trick I learned that only took me about five minutes to implement. Withrepparttar 128262 reverse linking method I used and with this method I was able to get my page rank, with Google, from zero to 2/10 within one week of re-submitting my home page to Google.

Everywhere you turn people are talking about “RSS” feeds and “Blogs”. What if I could show you how to add an RSS feed to your site - with just a few lines of code and couple clicks of teh mouse? And what if this news feed constantly updated itself and was written just for your site? Interested?

Here’s how you can do it.

Go torepparttar 128263 site and followrepparttar 128264 simple directions. The “AnyRSS” is a simple but very powerful tool allowing you to generate custom RSS news feeds for any Niche subject and posting them on your site. To userepparttar 128265 tool enter one to three, of your selected keywords, inrepparttar 128266 search box and click onrepparttar 128267 button “Generate Feed Url”.

Inrepparttar 128268 first box is an url and inrepparttar 128269 2nd box is a snippet of “JavaScript” code. Clickrepparttar 128270 “Test It” button and look atrepparttar 128271 results it produces. If this is satisfactory then go back and copyrepparttar 128272 “url” andrepparttar 128273 JavaScript code to a blank text editor like notepad. Save this information – and remember what directory you saved it in.

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