Before you spend that money, let's talk about history

Written by Kathy Burns

Have you noticed all ofrepparttar advertisements onrepparttar 127562 Internet from "gurus" and people who have "made it" with their Internet business? You knowrepparttar 127563 ones, they tell you how in demand they are. They tell you how they get several thousand dollars for each seminar they give. They tell you how they've made hundreds of thousands of dollars online. And they tell you they'll give you their secrets and formulas forrepparttar 127564 "ridiculously low price of $99.95"!

These characters are all really slick. Their one page web site is designed to draw you in, convince you, and take your hard earned money. Some of them are written really well andrepparttar 127565 product is very tempting to buy. But does a little doubt linger somewhere atrepparttar 127566 back of your mind? Is there something holding you back but you just can't quite put your finger on it? There might be a valid reason for that.

Let's travel through history a bit and see if we can figure out why you get those tiny doubts....

Orson Wells. Heard of him? War ofrepparttar 127567 Worlds. Heard of that? I think almost anyone inrepparttar 127568 U.S. knows both names, but for amusement I'll summarizerepparttar 127569 story. The War ofrepparttar 127570 Worlds was a fiction radio story. I think it was broadcast inrepparttar 127571 1940's or 1950's era but I don't rememberrepparttar 127572 exact date. This story happened to be science fiction, and happened to involve aliens landing on Earth and starting a war. Nowrepparttar 127573 story was put on in full production mode -- just likerepparttar 127574 fiction movies you see on TV today with professional actors. The only problem is, many people tuned intorepparttar 127575 radio show while it was in progress, and they had no idea it was a fictional story! Panic and chaos ensued.

Jump torepparttar 127576 1960's era. Did you know there was a book that was put on to best seller lists, even thoughrepparttar 127577 book didn't actually exist? Yep. A radio DJ cooked up a plot to "fool" some people. He arranged to have listeners go to bookstores and request a specific book. The book didn't actually exist, and this was part ofrepparttar 127578 prank. To his and his listener's surprise: Their requests for this book stirred up interest acrossrepparttar 127579 world. People were talking aboutrepparttar 127580 book everywhere -- reviews were even written about it! And soon enough it showed up on a bestseller list. Butrepparttar 127581 book did not even exist. The non-existent book was called "I' Libertine", and due torepparttar 127582 furor created fromrepparttar 127583 prank,repparttar 127584 radio DJ went on to write a real book by that name later in life.

Now let's jump ahead about 30 years. Inrepparttar 127585 1990's, some of you may remember computer communities called a "BBS". BBS stands for bulletin board system, and back then this was a computer that you dialed in to. Once connected, you could download files, chat with other members and play games. The public Internet was not available back then, so this was as close as you could get. One BBS was having a difficult time getting itself offrepparttar 127586 ground. They had one major competitor, and they couldn't seem to win customers away from that competitor. Sorepparttar 127587 owners decided to enticerepparttar 127588 customers. The customers were almost 100% male back then, and one thing they were all looking for was a friendly female. So one ofrepparttar 127589 owners ofrepparttar 127590 new BBS -- a man -- took on a BBS personality of a female. They set up a charade basically, with allrepparttar 127591 trimmings. This man would pretend to be female and chat with allrepparttar 127592 guys onrepparttar 127593 competitor's BBS. Duringrepparttar 127594 chats, "she" would make sure they all understood that she could be found more often on this other, newer BBS. So, if they wanted to talk to her more, they would have to go over there. And they did.

Beware of the Biz Op Gypsy

Written by Sandra Stammberger

Traditional gypsies have traveled aroundrepparttar world for years running scams, taking people's money, and heading out of town faster than you can blink your eye. They normally offer "too good to be true" products, services, or investments that make you drool and have you dreaming of riches. The problem is, only part of what they say is true.

Inrepparttar 127561 Information Age, you have to beware ofrepparttar 127562 biz op gypsy. Alongrepparttar 127563 same lines asrepparttar 127564 gypsy of old, biz op gypsies look to have you buy into their so-called "opportunity" so you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with very little work.

Anybody who knows anything about Internet business will confirm in a heartbeat that life online is not effortless! While there are some quality business opportunities available, don't let visions of sunbathing byrepparttar 127565 pool while - atrepparttar 127566 same time - raking in thousands of dollars a day cloud your judgment.

When making your decision about which business opportunity to seriously consider, takerepparttar 127567 following points into consideration.

1) Sounds Too Good To Be True - One of your first clues will berepparttar 127568 tales of how easy it is to get rich. "No work on your part," "The company does everything for you," and "Immediate rewards" are lines gypsies like to use. I'll tell you now, regardless of how goodrepparttar 127569 biz op is, you will still have to work to be a success. Be very wary of sales pitches that includerepparttar 127570 statements above.

2) Askrepparttar 127571 Person: "What Have Been Your Experiences With This Company?" - Granted, good gypsies will tell you of allrepparttar 127572 wonders they've performed withrepparttar 127573 help of this company, and how easy their lives are now. That's great! But don't settle for lip service. Ask for proof. Commission check stubs bearing their names, receipts, or other hard documentation will help to back up their claims.

3) Contactrepparttar 127574 Company Directly - The "home" company will be very aware of its "top sellers." If for some reason they are not, withrepparttar 127575 salesperson's company ID number, you should be able to confirm everythingrepparttar 127576 supposed gypsy is saying. Better yet. Arrange a 3-way call withrepparttar 127577 company, repparttar 127578 gypsy, and yourself.

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