Before and After Photos in the Fitness Magazines

Written by Brian D. Johnston

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Some supplement companies will go to any lengths to prove their products’ effectiveness. But sometimesrepparttar 139493 evidence isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. Before and after photos arerepparttar 139494 most compelling means by which to convince a person of steroid-like gains.

Oftenrepparttar 139495 before photos showrepparttar 139496 bodybuilder in off-season condition; fat, bloated, with pale skin. Hardly inspirational, but true to life. And photos are sometimes reversed. In one instance a supplement company presented a photo of a fitness model in top condition, declaring itrepparttar 139497 ‘after’ photo. Beside it,repparttar 139498 apparent ‘before’ photo showedrepparttar 139499 model in her last trimester of pregnancy. Anyone who is familiar withrepparttar 139500 model’s history is aware thatrepparttar 139501 before photo was, in fact,repparttar 139502 after photo.

The same trick was used by an ex-professional bodybuilder fromrepparttar 139503 1960s. Interestingly, his jowls sagged more and his face looked older inrepparttar 139504 before photo. Apparently his supplement line not only increases muscle, it may berepparttar 139505 proverbial fountain of youth!

Before and after photos from every day individuals sell a product best. They represent people like you and me... average weight trainees hoping to make dramatic changes in short order. But these photos are also highly dubious. In order to look as bad and as good as possible,repparttar 139506 models employ several tricks.

The before photos nearly always haverepparttar 139507 subject slouching, frowning, pale skin, dull lighting, gut extended, and with no muscle pump. The after photos use harsh lighting with good shadow contrast, tanned skin, upright posture with lats and shoulders spread wide, muscles tensed, smiling with well-groomed facial and head hair, and a muscle pump. It also is known that duct tape has been used to pull back obliques/love handles in order to make waists appear even smaller and shoulders even wider. The same trick works under their arm pits, to makerepparttar 139508 pec line more pronounced and sharp.

And so, are you truly seeing whatrepparttar 139509 person has accomplished and while on supplement ‘x’? Hardly; what you are witnessing is an illusion of posing and photography skills ofrepparttar 139510 model.

One winning competitor inrepparttar 139511 EAS Physique Transformation contest in 1999 did look good if contrasting his before and after photos, losing twelve pounds of fat. He also, however, lost six pounds of lean tissue! Ignoringrepparttar 139512 fact that he won, it could be said that his program was a failure and that he didrepparttar 139513 opposite of what exercise was originally intended to do, e.g., increase lean tissue/function.

Diabetes is Manageable

Written by Paul Sanford

Copyright 2005 Paul Sanford

It is estimated that over 18 million people overrepparttar age of 20 in this country have diabetes . Persons overrepparttar 139471 age of 45 and those considered obese according torepparttar 139472 Bio Mass Index are in elevated risk categories for this potentially fatal disease. Once diagnosedrepparttar 139473 potential health conditions that may result are: partial to complete blindness, kidney disease, hypoglycemia and certain sexual and urological problems including erectile dysfunction in men. Despite all of these potential effectsrepparttar 139474 truth is very simple—diabetes is manageable!

Without question, a diabetes diagnosis does in fact mean that you will live withrepparttar 139475 condition forrepparttar 139476 rest of your life but it does not mean an end to your life. Far from it. There are millions of people living very full and complete lives despiterepparttar 139477 condition’s very real potential to bring about serious consequences to one’s well-being. And don’t worry—a diabetes diagnosis does NOT mean that you need to worry about going in and out ofrepparttar 139478 doctor’s office every other day either! With proper self-discipline, a thorough understanding ofrepparttar 139479 disease and its effective treatment techniques, and especially withrepparttar 139480 proper equipment—this is a VERY manageable condition!

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