Been got at by a Rat or a Dog? Try a Ferrit. Optimization of web pages by old pr

Written by malcolm james pugh

You may have already paid good money only to have been promisedrepparttar earth and left with a web page no one can see unless they know your company name.

You will have actually paid for inclusion in indexes, which lapses after a finite time unless you pay over and over again.

There is no point paying money out on a web site if your potential customers have to know your name already in order to find your web pages.

Now you own what.

An invisible website with no indexing.

watch out theres a rat about.

RAT as in Really Awful Trader.


Have you been sold a pup by a big dog, a Dodgy Optimisation Guru.

DOGS sing a nice tune, and play what you want to hear, but who are they really playing for.

To paraphrase another trustworthy source.

Search Engine Symbiosis

Written by Brian Basson

Websites and search engines are inter - dependent on each other. Search engines need websites in order to show results when searches are made. Search engines also need websites to build a relevant map ofrepparttar world wide web (www). The betterrepparttar 139995 map,repparttar 139996 betterrepparttar 139997 search results. Search engines need to be relevant inrepparttar 139998 results of searches made on them, otherwise they will quickly go out of business. Searchers wantrepparttar 139999 specific information they are looking for, and should they consistently come across irrelevant results, they will quickly substitute one search engine for another that produces these desired results. Search engines therefore have to be strict and build in many factors to prevent people from making them irrelevant. These factors are known as Search Engine Algorithms. Webmasters and other SEO's regularly "crack" these algorithms, which lead to Search engines having to update algorithms plus introduce new ones on a constant basis. Failure to do so will result in manipulated results, again doing harm to a Search Engine.

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