Been got at by a Rat or a Dog? Try a Ferrit. Optimization of web pages by old pr

Written by malcolm james pugh

You may have already paid good money only to have been promisedrepparttar earth and left with a web page no one can see unless they know your company name.

You will have actually paid for inclusion in indexes, which lapses after a finite time unless you pay over and over again.

There is no point paying money out on a web site if your potential customers have to know your name already in order to find your web pages.

Now you own what.

An invisible website with no indexing.

watch out theres a rat about.

RAT as in Really Awful Trader.


Have you been sold a pup by a big dog, a Dodgy Optimisation Guru.

DOGS sing a nice tune, and play what you want to hear, but who are they really playing for.

To paraphrase another trustworthy source.

Common Criteria

Written by Robert Elam

Windows 2000 was awardedrepparttar Common Criteria Certificate. This isrepparttar 139958 first Microsoft Operating System to receive such a prestigious certification putting it onrepparttar 139959 same level as SecureOS Solaris Unix, both built on an operating system that has been around for over thirty years. This document will explain whatrepparttar 139960 Common Criteria Certificate is, how a vendor achieves it and why a vendor would want it.

Common Criteria is based onrepparttar 139961 idea of a sound way of evaluatingrepparttar 139962 security of an operating system. Common Criteria has evolved overrepparttar 139963 years. Security evaluation criteria goes back torepparttar 139964 ‘70’s. The first standard for this criteria was published inrepparttar 139965 United States Trusted Computer Systems Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC),repparttar 139966 “Orange Book.” It was published in 1985 byrepparttar 139967 National Security Agency. Europe came up with similar standards in an effort to create an international standard called Information Technology Security Evaluation and Certification (ITSEC) in 1991. This led torepparttar 139968 CC Editorial Board (CCEB) which was formed establishing globally recognized standards for security evaluation (dinopolis). Each country has its own organization that enforces and advertises these international standards. Inrepparttar 139969 United States, bothrepparttar 139970 NSA andrepparttar 139971 National Institute of Standards and Technology meetrepparttar 139972 security and testing needs of Information Technology producers and consumers. They do this through a joint program calledrepparttar 139973 National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). The responsibilities of these organization are outlined inrepparttar 139974 Computer Security Act of 1987 (epic).

In order for a vendor to be awardedrepparttar 139975 Common Criteria Certification it must pass all required tests for a security certification accepted in 15 countries. There are three parts torepparttar 139976 CC: 1) Introduction and general model, isrepparttar 139977 introduction torepparttar 139978 CC. It defines general concepts and principles of IT security evaluation and presents a general model of evaluation. 2) Security functional requirements, establishes a set of security functional components as a standard way of requirements for Targets of Evaluation (TOEs). 3) Security assurance requirements, establishes a set of assurance components as a standard way of expressingrepparttar 139979 assurance requirements for TOEs (CRYPTIC).

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