Been Hiding Your e-Light Under a Bushel Basket?

Written by Bill Vannot

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In sales, do you realize that modesty will get you nowhere? If you like to eat, feed your family and pay your bills, you better have boldness on your side. In sales, we aren't ofrepparttar opinion thatrepparttar 136337 meek will inheritrepparttar 136338 earth.

Constant meekness will only get you a top spot in a food stamp line! Of course, you must be truthful when you boast. That's just good old common sense. Never brag if you don't haverepparttar 136339 facts to back you up. Lying and boastful exaggerations won't get you torepparttar 136340 bank teller or put shoes on your childrens feet.

In Sales, MUM Isn't THE Word!

Sure your Mum probably taught you to be kind and modest. However, women didn't infiltraterepparttar 136341 sales market in droves like they do today. Modesty, whether it's fake or real, is highly incompatible with professional selling. Somewhere inrepparttar 136342 middle isrepparttar 136343 place to be. Boasting comes withrepparttar 136344 sales territory but you'd better be boasting facts not fiction. Customers can read through salespeople like a sturdy pair of reading glasses. Remember your last automobile purchase?

Selling's an Art - Not an Exact Science!

It's best that you err onrepparttar 136345 side of higher sales volume. Onrepparttar 136346 net we look for visitors don't we? Salespeople haverepparttar 136347 unique advantage of being visitors in their customers' world. Let's face it. We don't have to live with our customers, so remember that a bit of fresh air, a cool conversational breeze, or a semi-gale boast, is acceptable, as we blow through our contact lists.

Maybe an enthusiast might bore some people, but he or she never has a dull moment in their own lives. You're not online withrepparttar 136348 customer long enough to bore anyone, so cut loose and allowrepparttar 136349 light inside of you, to shine through.

The Path To Your Prospect's Wallet Begins At His Heart

Written by Lisa Packer

You want your prospect to makerepparttar decision to buy your product or service. So you show him what you have to offer in your sales letter, web page, ad or commercial. You lay outrepparttar 136297 facts, and he comes to a rational decision based on them. Right?


People buy things based on emotion. And if youíre not connecting emotionally with them, they arenít going to buy from you. Itís that simple. In fact, studies have shown that people with injuries torepparttar 136298 area ofrepparttar 136299 brain that controls emotions donít just suffer from an inability to feel them. They become paralyzed over evenrepparttar 136300 smallest decisions, like what to have for breakfast.

So how, then, do you go about blazing that path from your prospectís heart to her wallet? First of all, you tell her whatís in it for her. What arerepparttar 136301 benefits she will reap from your product or service? Will it allow her to spend more time with her children, and so become a better mother? Will it make her more beautiful? What does she stand to lose if she doesnít buy from you right now?

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