Been Burned, Scammed, Taken for a Ride...

Written by Rachel Gawith


Well don’t worry, we have all been there. I doubt there is a single network marketer or homeworker out there who hasn’t at some point in their career fallen for an envelope stuffing scheme, been talked into selling potions and pills, tried chain letters etc. Butrepparttar important thing is to learn from your mistakes and take something from every experience.

My first venture into working from home came when I answered an advert in a local paper which stated I could be earning £2000 a week part time, all I had to do was call. So I did and ended up trailing along to a meeting about how much money one could make from selling herbal diet supplements and how easy it all was. So I signed up and paidrepparttar 116805 £200 forrepparttar 116806 starter pack. Full of enthusiasm I started my 68 year old gran off onrepparttar 116807 diet. Wellrepparttar 116808 first week she lost a few pounds and all was going well. I paid out another £100 to have a load of leaflets printed and spent hours putting these on car windscreens. Byrepparttar 116809 second week, gran had given up onrepparttar 116810 diet asrepparttar 116811 stuff ‘tasted funny’ and she was bored with a milkshake three times a day!

Then I decided to try sellingrepparttar 116812 products viarepparttar 116813 internet. It was a slow process but I taught myself html coding and built my first website. Then camerepparttar 116814 hard task of trying to market my site and get people to visit it. This is when

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success!

Written by Jeff Schuman

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success! © 2002 Jeff D. Schuman

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My name is Jeff Schuman from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Inrepparttar 116804 last 10 years I have made sales totalling over $30 Million Dollars. During that time I began to analyze exactly what it took to make a sale.

Ultimately I came up with my own "Amazing Sales Formula" that includedrepparttar 116805 6 elements present inrepparttar 116806 sales process leading torepparttar 116807 sale of a product or service.

I have ended up putting these in a FREE 8 day eCourse which I have titled "P" Your Way To Online Business Success" with Products, People, Pricing, Promotions, Persistence, and Profits.

I found when I had all 6 of these "P" words in place and working in my favor I could not fail. If I left out even one of these I found my sales closing percentage went down. It became even more apparent to me when I began to develop TeamSchuman.Com that to make money with my own home business I had to work with all 6 of these as well.

Every successful home based business or internet marketing business has a great product or products they market. People will buy almost anything from you if they have a need, interest or a desire. If you can get 2 out of these 3 working in your favor then your sales closing percentage will go up. I always found that was easier when dealing with a great product.

Then I have found overrepparttar 116808 years there is no substitute for experience. Find and work with a great mentor. There are great people all overrepparttar 116809 internet willing to help you sell your great product in your home business. There are millions of products being sold everyday onrepparttar 116810 world wide web. How do you compete? How do you make people aware of your great product?

I always look forrepparttar 116811 top dog inrepparttar 116812 field I am selling in. Align yourself with them anyway you can, Subscribe to their newsletter, buy their books, pick uprepparttar 116813 phone and call them. Get involved with them any way you can. They arerepparttar 116814 movers and shakers that haverepparttar 116815 experience only time and effort can teach.

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