Bedtime WIthout Battles

Written by Teresa Redmond

Do your kids fight going to bed? Are you looking for ideas on how to get your kids in bed and keep them in bed. Below is a list of our best bedtime tips. 1. Consistency - Do your children have a set bedtime? Do they go to bed atrepparttar same time onrepparttar 141810 weekends asrepparttar 141811 weekdays? Do they get up atrepparttar 141812 same time each morning? Consistency isrepparttar 141813 kety to getting your children to bed on time without a fight. Set a time for bed and stick with it, even onrepparttar 141814 weekends. Try and pick a reasonable time to get up inrepparttar 141815 morning as well. 2. Bedtime routine - Establish a bedtime routine. Children are less resistant to going to bed when they are prepared fo rit. For example, every night have them take a bath and brush their teeth. Have them get in their pajamas and read a bedtime story. With an established routine, they will know it is bedtime once story time is over. 3. Are they sleeping too much duringrepparttar 141816 day? - Take a look at nap time. How long are they sleeping? What time are they getting up inrepparttar 141817 morning? Have you set a reasonable bedtime? Watch your child for sleepiness cues and use this to establish your bedtime.

Hiring a Nanny

Written by Wendy Sachs

Hiring a nanny to care for your children falls inrepparttar category of “daunting” whenrepparttar 141776 necessary skills and experiences are absent from your repertoire. Becauserepparttar 141777 position is unsupervised, scrutiny is a must. To follow are some tips on how to go about hiring this all-important person.

What to look for when hiring a NANNY: 1.Experience. Examine and explorerepparttar 141778 nanny’s work history (including child care) life experiences and education. 2.Compatibility. Do you concur on child rearing and discipline philosophies and approaches. Are your habits similar? (i.e. neatness, organization, timeliness, flexibility vs. rigidity, food choices, priorities) 3.Qualities. Doesrepparttar 141779 nanny applicant have a natural inclination to connect to and understandrepparttar 141780 needs of children at each stage of development? 4.Common Sense and Patience. A nanny needs an extraordinary amount of both.

What to look for in an REFERRAL AGENCY: 1.Screening and Background Checking Methods. Know specificallyrepparttar 141781 depth of child care reference checks and applicant interviews they perform. How selective are they in screening nannies? How many nannies are in their pool of candidates?

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