Bedridden Mother baby shower party

Written by Cathy Cripps


Unfortunately, pregnancy is not a breeze for every mother. Some women have complications that can keep her bedridden at home or even atrepparttar hospital. Forrepparttar 146755 expectant mother, waiting forrepparttar 146756 birth of a child from bed is lousy. A baby shower can be customized around her situation to brighten her day, giving her hope while lifting her spirits.

Instead of waiting onrepparttar 146757 birth ofrepparttar 146758 baby, go ahead and planrepparttar 146759 shower with close family members and friends, bringingrepparttar 146760 shower to her. Remember, afterrepparttar 146761 baby is born, a full-scale shower can always follow. However, for this type of shower, guests should create a miniature gift box or basket. Great ideas of what might be offered include:

•Craft projects that can be worked on in bed are good choices. This might include cross-stitch, needlepoint, simple paintings, and even handmade ornaments. •Books are also excellent ideas but it is important to choose books that she likes. Ask her or her family what types of books she enjoys reading.

•Puzzles are also a great way forrepparttar 146762 expectant mother to passrepparttar 146763 time. This might include crossword puzzles, other puzzle books, or a flat tray with a small piece puzzle, perhaps of a baby.

Baby Shower Etiquette

Written by Cathy Cripps


Years ago, baby showers were never hosted by a family member. This practice was thought by most people to be tacky, appearing as ifrepparttar family was asking for gifts. Thankfully, that tradition has changed where now it is acceptable for family members, friends, or co-workers to hostrepparttar 146754 shower. The only exception to this rule is thatrepparttar 146755 parents should not throw their own shower since this is considered inappropriate.

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