Becoming a Successful Affiliate

Written by Teresa Williams

Have you often wondered why some people can make a ton on money by promoting other people's product and you are struggling to make one sale every month? There are very simple rules to follow to become a Successful Affiliate: 1) Purchaserepparttar product. This is a "MUST" to making money with an affiliate program. Why should you purchaserepparttar 102607 product when you can sign up for free? How can you honestly tell other people aboutrepparttar 102608 product if you have not purchased it yourself? 2) Treatrepparttar 102609 product as if it is your very own. When you sign up as an affiliate and actually purchaserepparttar 102610 product... takerepparttar 102611 time to either go intorepparttar 102612 members area, readrepparttar 102613 product, contact customer service orrepparttar 102614 owner ofrepparttar 102615 product. Get an actual "hands-on" experience ofrepparttar 102616 product. If you purchaserepparttar 102617 product and enjoyrepparttar 102618 benefits of it... your sales can increase at least 1800% by thinking of this product as your very own. 3) Be proud of that product. If you are an affiliate and do NOT advertise it on your website or do NOT advertise it in your newsletter, then how are you going to sell it? Be proud that you are an affiliate and advertise. 4) Giverepparttar 102619 product your personal recommendation. This information goes back to step number 1. You must purchaserepparttar 102620 product in order to give your personal recommendation. By putting your "stamp of approval" onrepparttar 102621 advertisements... your sales will increase. What did you enjoyrepparttar 102622 most aboutrepparttar 102623 product and why would it benefit other people to purchaserepparttar 102624 product? The end step to making sales is to tellrepparttar 102625 future customer whatrepparttar 102626 product will do for them. Why should they spend their hard earned money on a product that you personally would not purchase? 5) Communicate withrepparttar 102627 owner ofrepparttar 102628 product. This is a very important part of becoming a successful affiliate. If you have a question aboutrepparttar 102629 product or simply would like to introduce yourself torepparttar 102630 owner as their new affiliate... by all means DO IT! You are going to become an "individual" torepparttar 102631 owner instead of an affiliate number. Get to knowrepparttar 102632 person as an individual. You can actually use this information in your personal recommendation. 6) Use different methods of advertising. Banners, in my personal opinion, do not sell like a classified ad, sales letter, sponsor ad and personal recommendations. Use text links on your

Building Internal Support

Written by Shawn Collins

So,repparttar boss has been reading all ofrepparttar 102606 great things about affiliate marketing, andrepparttar 102607 next thing you know, you've been anointed asrepparttar 102608 affiliate manager. You pick a solution provider and things are ready to roll, right?

Not exactly. If you are going to run a successful affiliate program, it is vital that you build internal support and it comes down to three basic tenets: activate, educate, and organize.

Activaterepparttar 102609 program Before you can manage your program, it has to exist. Your first move should be to make fast friends withrepparttar 102610 IT folks. They've got a lot of stuff on their plate, so if you hope to get proper attention duringrepparttar 102611 implementation process and afterrepparttar 102612 program has gone live, you'd better have an in with them.

They're people just like you and me… they get hungry inrepparttar 102613 middle ofrepparttar 102614 day. So offer to take them out to lunch to discuss your technical needs. You know how Milton Friedman said there is no such thing as a free lunch? Well that's not strictly true, especially when you're trying to get your program up and running.

You will also want to establish a rapport withrepparttar 102615 finance department. After all, they are going to be cuttingrepparttar 102616 checks to pay your affiliates. Whether it is asked of you or not, create an aggressive budget that covers commissions, service provider fees, education and marketing for your program. The finance crew does not like surprises.

And write up a detailed plan withrepparttar 102617 short and long term goals for your program. Just how are you going to produce all of those amazing results? What methods will you be using to market your program and acquire new affiliates? If you wantrepparttar 102618 VP of Marketing to take your program seriously, they have to be able to take you seriously.

Educate yourself and your co-workers Odds are thatrepparttar 102619 majority of people in your office do not have a clue about affiliate marketing. Byrepparttar 102620 way, how much do you know? One ofrepparttar 102621 best ways to learn about your affiliates is to become one yourself.

No excuses. Even if you don't know a thing about creating a Web site, you should create one. Domains are cheap these days and you can get free hosting all overrepparttar 102622 place. There are tons of free HTML tutorials available online, or you could use a WYSIWYG software like MS FrontPage to create your site without any knowledge of HTML.

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