Becoming a Star Performer in your Career

Written by Scott Brown

So what'srepparttar difference between a star performer who can name his/her salary and get whatever job he wants, and someone who can't? Very successful people tend to put a lot of effort into improving themselves. Coach Dean Smith ofrepparttar 139095 University of North Carolina talks about how when he first noticed Michael Jordan, he didn't see NBA material. Jordan didn't even make his high school's varsity basketball team. However,repparttar 139096 UNC basketball clinic accepted Michael for a summer training program because he was quick on his feet and showed potential. Coach Smith talks about how his staff was amazed atrepparttar 139097 amount of effort Michael put into practicing and learningrepparttar 139098 skills that ultimately made him a great basketball player.

Michael Jordan didn't stop learning how to be a great player in that high school clinic though. He kept on practicing and learning until he got intorepparttar 139099 NBA. Then he kept at it more and more until it just became a way of life. He even was able to applyrepparttar 139100 same skill of continual learning to become a good baseball and golf player. People like to talk about how Michael fell short of expectations in these other sports butrepparttar 139101 reality is his being able to transition to those other sports was nothing short of amazing, even though he wasn't able to play atrepparttar 139102 level of athletes who had been playing those other sports as long as he'd been playing basketball.

If you want to make more money and to be able to commandrepparttar 139103 types of positions you really want, you need to adopt a Michael Jordan attitude. When continued learning and growth becomes a habit and it's integrated into your lifestyle, you'll find yourself moving into a whole new echelon of career success. Continued growth isrepparttar 139104 key to being able to compete in today's era of globalization and high unemployment.

Networking to find jobs with people you've lost touch with

Written by Scott Brown

Most people realize networking is an effective way to find jobs. But networking isn't a subject that's taught in school so not everyone knows how to do it. In this job searching tip, we're going to addressrepparttar question of how to network with people you haven't talked to for a while.


I have been out of work for several years, and am now looking to get back intorepparttar 139089 workforce. I know they say that networking isrepparttar 139090 preferred way to find jobs, buy I haven't talked to my old network for over two years. I feel reluctant to call people I haven't talked with in several years, since it's obvious that I'm only calling to see about help finding a job, no matter how I couch it. I'm over 50 which I know doesn't help. I should add that when I first started looking (before having to stop), my contacts weren't helpful. Is it worth trying them anyway?


Dear D.S.,

It always makes sense to try networking with people you already know when looking for finding a job. Even if they weren't able to help you a couple years ago. People are constantly meeting new people, so people in your contacts' networks have changed since you last talked to them and some of them may be in a better position to help you. The average professional person has at least 200 contacts in their rolodex. Even if you have only a fraction of that number in yours, let's say 50, you still have potentially 10,000 people who can help you find a job because 50 times 200 = 10,000. The key is to motivate people in your network to make them want to help you land a new position.

You are right that when you first make contact with people you haven't talked to for a while, at least some of them will believe your only motivation is to get help finding a job. That is not necessarily a bad thing. People understand how important it is to have a job and most people in this world are good-natured and want to be helpful. Even if you just reach out to people in your network and explicitly ask them for help finding a job, you will most likely get some positive responses. However, if you want to get people to really go to bat for you and to really think about who they might know that could help you, there has to be something in it for them -- whether it's a professional motivation or a personal one.

People who are really good at networking tend to be genuinely concerned about other people and constantly looking for ways to help people they know. When you call someone you haven't talked to for a while, find out what's going on with them personally and professionally. Find out what their interests are. Networking expert Harvey MacKay developed a list of 66 questions ranging from Spouse's name to favorite foods and sports teams. When you're starting a relationship with someone -- or in your case, re-starting a relationship, one of your initial goals should be to learn aboutrepparttar 139091 person and their motivations and interests. It's not really important that you get them to help you find a job onrepparttar 139092 first phone call. If you're really looking to maximizerepparttar 139093 value of your network, you should look to create a relationship withrepparttar 139094 person and have a reason/excuse to talk to them again inrepparttar 139095 near future.

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