Becoming a Gold-Dust-Person

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

What are your top 3 goals for this week? What is your vision for your life? Not five years for now, but NEXT Monday at this time, how would you feel most fulfilled? How canrepparttar next seven days most powerfully impactrepparttar 131461 rest of your future?

"There is Gold Dust inrepparttar 131462 Air-for me!"

Catherine Ponder's classic work, " The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" includes this affirmation. Imagine, for a moment gold dust sparkling inrepparttar 131463 air. What would gold dust look like, floating in space?

How about looking from this perspective: how could your goals become that gold dust? How could you use your vision, not only for your future but for each and every day be valuable to your growth and prosperity?

Jim Rohn is known as one ofrepparttar 131464 top Business Philosophers inrepparttar 131465 world. He has mentored top personalities inrepparttar 131466 Personal Development industry. A promotional piece for an upcoming Jim Rohn seminar in Dallas includes 10 Lifetime Rewards for seminar participants. Each reward begins with "You will" followed by a resulting action such as "be able" "set and achieve" "learn to make" "rediscover".

He is known as a leader of leaders who inspires results through action using a step-by-step, day by day approach to life transformation.

How do you suppose Mr. Rohn began walking this path?

How do you suppose ANYONE walks and CONTINUES to walk his or her path to life transformation as they become Gold-Dust-People?

1. Gold-Dust-People reach towards and beyond their goals.

2. Gold-Dust-People are open to suggestions and ask questions of people who are where they are growing to be.

3. Gold-Dust-People have written their goals either in a linear fashion or in an artistic fashion, such as a dream board or collage.

Passion Pushes You Forward - So Do What You Know and Love!

Written by Maria Marsala

The process of starting a business or choosing a career is very enjoyable and stressful atrepparttar same time. It's a good type of stress, but stress nonetheless. One way to keep your sanity inrepparttar 131460 midst of growth is to do what you know!

Let's say that your vision is to teach business, personal development and internet classes. Narrowrepparttar 131461 list down to 4 or 5 classes that can teach in your sleep! Well, don't take me literally...please!! Teach classes on subjects you've taught before or topics with which you're very familiar.

Or maybe your vision is to operate a full-service, 5-employee virtual assistant business --repparttar 131462 premier place clients stop for all their services. Here comes potential client "X" wanting you to re-design a database for use on their web site. You take onrepparttar 131463 job knowing that you don't have any knowledge about databases or web sites. My question for you is why?

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