Becoming a Computer Trainer

Written by Roger Younce

Have you ever attended a computer course at a computer training center and really thought about much money they make on teaching students? I know when I first started taking classes it just amazed me on how much moneyrepparttar training centers make for teaching many of repparttar 107851 most popular Microsoft Office courses offered today. Of course there is big money in certification courses, butrepparttar 107852 majority ofrepparttar 107853 home and small business users just want to learn how to use products like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook FrontPage and Access. That is wererepparttar 107854 computer trainer comes in torepparttar 107855 equation.

You see, many people do take courses at computer centers but many don't like to or have to travel torepparttar 107856 centers. Some students don't likerepparttar 107857 large classroom environments so many don't even go. Don't even get me started on Computer Based Training (CBT) and Web Based Training (WBT) methods of teaching. Don't get me wrong, computer training centers are good and very attractive torepparttar 107858 public. Many ofrepparttar 107859 centers offer very good courses and have very knowledgeable instructors. The problem is they can't offer one-on-one assistance torepparttar 107860 customer like personal computer trainer can.

No Operating System

Written by Paul Siegel

Imagine a computer with no operating system. If you can do that, you can imagine a computer that is extremely difficult to hack into. A computer that is almost immune to viruses. A computer that rarely crashes.

Too good to be true? No, such a computer has been invented.

Eric Hauk and Eric Uner, 2 former Motorola engineers, invented this computer. They became so frustrated and annoyed by hack attacks and by allrepparttar time they wasted installing software patches, that they decided to change their server. Instead of an operating system, they designed a chip storing a "kernel" of only about 4 Kilobytes of code. They founded Bodacion Technologies Inc. ( to market their computer, which is called Hydra.

This is essentiallyrepparttar 107850 same idea that is used for medical devices and for game-playing machines like Nintendo. Nintendo rarely breaks down even though young hackers are constantly trying.

Why is an operating-system-less computer more sturdy than one with an operating system? What do many viruses do? Once they get intorepparttar 107851 system they manage to modify operating-system instructions to killrepparttar 107852 whole system. But if operating-system instructions do not exist, or rather they exist in hardware, they cannot be modified. Result: a computer you can depend on.

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