Becoming A Talent Scout vs. A Recruiter

Written by Sue Seward

After being in this industry for over 12 years I've learned a lot about people and about myself.

One ofrepparttar most important things that has happened for me is self development. Folks this ISrepparttar 105667 ONE thing that HAS to happen before you will become successful in anything you attempt to do.

You must first build yourself and your own talents! When this happens you all of a sudden develop posture.

What is posture?

It's when you have so much confidence in yourself and what you're doing that you begin to look for talented people to join with you in your business and you're not afraid to talk torepparttar 105668 most successful and talented people you run into. You become a talent scout vs. a recruiter. When I first started out in this business I was a recruiter. Everyone I saw or ran into was a prospect. No matter who they were or what sort of attitude they had I was determined to RECRUIT every single person that I saw or talked to.

Well folks this was a disaster but it was a very good learning experience for me. That was over 12 years ago. I've certainly come a long way since! Overrepparttar 105669 last five years I've learned a great deal about business and about how to do this business and what it takes to really become successful and it's not just about who'srepparttar 105670 best recruiter believe me! Even those that are recruiting machines may be successful for a little while up front and then it fizzles out.


Well, because they just recruit anyone they ran into. They talk and persuade people into joining with them.....even when these people don't really want to. In other words they say yes when they really mean no.

The recruiter is just a shark and people are afraid to say no to them. Most times people say yes just to getrepparttar 105671 recruiter off their back! So what happens? The majority of people usually end up quitting because they didn't have what it takes to succeed in this business inrepparttar 105672 first place. Most timesrepparttar 105673 recruiter doesn't stick around long enough to train them or show them how to dorepparttar 105674 business. He or she is to busy recruiting their next victim.

The recruiter usually doesn't takerepparttar 105675 time to actually get to know a person or even ask them what they are interested in or what their goals are or what sort of talents they even have. All they want isrepparttar 105676 sign up. The thrill ofrepparttar 105677 sign up is a rush for them. Most recruiters are usually not very good trainers or leaders.....they just don't have time to train because they're so busy recruiting.

How to Get Rich with Network Marketing

Written by Daegan Smith

Network marketing is a marketing strategy being increasingly put to use by hundreds of home business owners nowadays. Network marketing is basically retailing products by using independent distributors. These distributors build and manage their own sales force by recruiting others to sell products. Each person in this downline is a distributor in his own right with his own sales team. This way a “network” of sales people for a particular product is formed. The upside is thatrepparttar originating product manufacturer or marketer does not have to bear costly overheads of recruiting and maintaining their own sales team. Compensation for each distributor or sales person includes one’s own sales and a percentage ofrepparttar 105666 sales of his or her entire downline.

In a way Network marketing isrepparttar 105667 same as MLM or Multi-Level Marketing…a term that has been thoroughly abused by ‘scamsters’ and frauds, mostly onrepparttar 105668 Internet. Though a whole lot of less than scrupulous people have caused some damage torepparttar 105669 standing and credibility of this form of business, it nevertheless figures as a very cost effective revenue stream for a new entrepreneur. Another benefit of Network marketing isrepparttar 105670 training you get in operating a business; like selling, time management and keeping yourself motivated inrepparttar 105671 face of rejection. Also see:,4621,298535,00.html

So how do you get started?

The first thing you would have to do is to selectrepparttar 105672 right MLM Company. That is halfrepparttar 105673 job done. With all those scams doingrepparttar 105674 rounds, it can get a little overwhelming trying to pin pointrepparttar 105675 MLM company where you would want to participate. A lot of MLM companies fail because of various reasons. Some are not well financed; some don’t have a good, saleable product or haven’t been able to innovate to meet new customer requirements. Still others have shut shop becauserepparttar 105676 federal government got wind of their less than holy dealings and acted fast. Even after those MLM guys who had to wind up, there are still some left that arerepparttar 105677 Real Mc Coys. These arerepparttar 105678 guys you need to fish out.

Here are some tips for selecting a good (read ‘Safe’) MLM company for starting your Network marketing business.

  1. Participate in an MLM company that has a proven track record for at least five years. We insist onrepparttar 105679 figure 5,because ifrepparttar 105680 company has survived half a decade and made money, they would have a good product, enough capability to innovate and would be able to provide their downline with good back-end support.
  2. Look for selling a product that you believe in. Imagine yourself selling weight loss pills when you know for sure that a doctor would never recommend most of these pills! Bottomline is, you can’t sell a product if you don’t have faith in it.
  3. Seek out a company that provides solid backend support and marketing infrastructure to its downline. It can riprepparttar 105681 shirt off your back to develop new marketing literature for your customers and for your downline.

What next?

Once you have selectedrepparttar 105682 right MLM company,repparttar 105683 next logical step would be to decide your sales strategy. Devise a plan for lead generation forrepparttar 105684 product you will be selling. In your plan include what targets you need to set to break even, what sales literature you will use and yes, most importantly… how will you develop your downline. Don’t forget that one part of your income will come from them. It is a better idea to have 3-4 quality agents in your level-I downline, than to recruit everyone and their cousin and not have a single dime come atrepparttar 105685 end ofrepparttar 105686 month. At this point of time, It is usually a good idea to focus onrepparttar 105687 primary product you chose for marketing rather than include a host of other lucrative offers. It is easy to lose focus and spread yourself out thin that way.

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