Beauty doesnít have to be Expensive

Written by Melanie Breeze

Where do you buy your beauty supplies? If you buy them from a department store- you are paying way too much! I was a department store buyer for many years. I was hooked on a particular brand, and I thought thatrepparttar products were only available atrepparttar 142271 department store. I was wrong. With a little bit of time and research, I was able to shave off 50% of my beauty supply bill. Imagine what you could do withrepparttar 142272 extra money. The process is actually really simple. All you have to do is findrepparttar 142273 right websites.

Many of us are hooked on a particular brand of beauty supplies. We have used them for years, and loverepparttar 142274 way that they make us look and feel. The price tag however isnít very pretty. Try doing a search online for your favorite beauty products. You may find that auction sites such as have really good deals. Make sure to find out about shipping and return policies. I am a sucker for a free shipping deal, so try to find them whenever possible. You may also be able to purchaserepparttar 142275 product directly fromrepparttar 142276 manufacturerís website. Look for online promotions that will give you discounts onrepparttar 142277 items you buy most. Coupon sites can give you even better discounts, so shop around.

Are You Working Too Much or Too Little?

Written by Susanne Myers

Are you one of those people who get into something and just works day and night on it? Or are you one of those minimalists who didnít start papers in school untilrepparttar night before they were due? You know scraping by doingrepparttar 142135 bare minimum. That was me in school, but I am getting off topic here.

You may be one of those people that will work like a maniac if it is something they really love, but will drag their feet if it is something very boring and unexciting to them. That last description fits me torepparttar 142136 T. Guess School just didnít excite me much. Which would explain why I did so much better in College when I got to choose my subjects. Sorry, getting off topic here again.

If you are one of those overachievers, remind yourself why you became a wham inrepparttar 142137 first place. To spent more time with your kids. Go take them torepparttar 142138 park, play cars, Barbies or Lego blocks for a few hours. Read some books with them. Then put up some pictures in your work area to keep you on track.

If you are one of those that just barely dorepparttar 142139 minimum, make a list each morning of things that have to get done and sort them in order of priority. Get as many of them accomplished as possible and if you get everything on your list done, reward yourself with a nice long bubble bath, a walk inrepparttar 142140 park with your kid, a new manicure or whatever else works for you. Positive reinforcement always worked for me. Just make sure you donít cheat by keeping your list short. Keep it challenging.

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