Beauty and Ecumenicism

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

There are many vantage points from which to find beauty. The side ofrepparttar mountains overlooking Lake Louise onrepparttar 140274 grass ofrepparttar 140275 hotel sipping champagne with your most cherished friend is a memory of beauty that will always overcome my consciousness. The purr of my friend and companion as he welcomed me home from a hard days work orrepparttar 140276 smile onrepparttar 140277 face of most any person who 'sees' what little part of life we can partake in to help each other. There are many beauties and no real evil. This will be dealt with in greater detail under Abraxas inrepparttar 140278 concept segment. Inrepparttar 140279 whole ofrepparttar 140280 'brotherhood' there are many religions and in each one; I have foundrepparttar 140281 essence of beauty expressed by wise and metaphysical or soulful people. In Islam my favorite is Sufism. They make a good point aboutrepparttar 140282 poison of negativity and any form of thought that does personal energized harm to other life in this quote:

“The soul who had to sympathize withrepparttar 140283 whole world was thus prepared thatrepparttar 140284 drop of that poison which always produces contempt, resentment and ill feeling against another was destroyed first. So many talk about purification ofrepparttar 140285 heart, and so few really know what it is. Some say to be pure means to be free from all evil thought, but there is no evil thought. Call it evil or call it devil, if there is any such thought it isrepparttar 140286 thought of bitterness against another. No one with sense and understanding would like to retain a single drop of poison in his body. And how ignorant it is onrepparttar 140287 part of man when he keeps and cherishes a bitter thought against another in his heart. If a drop of poison can cause death ofrepparttar 140288 body, it is equal to a thousand deaths whenrepparttar 140289 heart retainsrepparttar 140290 smallest thought of bitterness." (56)

The fear of nature or one's inner uncertainties has caused many to find evil in places where beauty exists. Once one no longer has to control nature, there is no place where beauty will not be found. It may be a bittersweet beauty such as seeing your lover find a person she wants to marry; when you are an older man with allrepparttar 140291 love inrepparttar 140292 world for a person you love in every way. It may berepparttar 140293 joy you feel when you know you aren't going to have to schlep or drudge for money inrepparttar 140294 socially structured gambit to gain material things. The fears that createrepparttar 140295 opposite of harmony and brotherhood arerepparttar 140296 'poisons' which no true Kelt would know as he/she spoke to Alexander about their creed and their honest appreciation forrepparttar 140297 soul in everything. Nature has no evil andrepparttar 140298 crooked bristlecone pine that dormantly awaitsrepparttar 140299 desert rain has lived longer thanrepparttar 140300 rash fast-growing ash that sprouts quickly skyward. Inrepparttar 140301 soul that knows it is immortalrepparttar 140302 idea of change is welcome and thusrepparttar 140303 warrior’s death is too.


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

Can These Bones Live?

Last night (May 26 05), I had this very short dream. I was in a large field which was very dry and dusty. Inrepparttar field, laying in rows, were burnt looking, dry skeletons. I

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