Beauty Shop

Written by Tamika Johnson

Beauty Shop tellsrepparttar story of Gina (Queen Latifah) as she moves to Atlanta so her daughter can go to an exclusive music school. She finds a job as a stylist at a high end salon but after a confrontation with her boss leaves and opens her own beauty shop.

Beauty Shop doesn’t quite rise torepparttar 137014 occasion as it repackages and regurgitates characters, themes and plots that we have seen before. It is one thing to tell a story that has previously been done yet bring something new to what may be an overdone but entertaining storyline and it is another to retell a story and not bring anything new torepparttar 137015 table at all. Beauty Shop falls intorepparttar 137016 latter category and suffers greatly for it.

The main problem with Beauty Shop is that it is Barber Shop with women. Fromrepparttar 137017 plot twists torepparttar 137018 characters insiderepparttar 137019 shop, it isrepparttar 137020 exact same movie as Barbershop except with Queen Latifah atrepparttar 137021 helm instead of Ice Cube. There isrepparttar 137022 funny, familial and penny pinching boss, Gina (Queen Latifah). There isrepparttar 137023 misguided, yet full of potential stylist in training, Darnelle (Keshia Knight-Pulliman). There’srepparttar 137024 arrogant, know it all stylist who is a pain in everyone’s side, Chanel (Golden Brooks). There’srepparttar 137025 novice stylist of a different race that can’t get any business, Lynn (Alicia Silverstone) and finally there’srepparttar 137026 opposite sex stylist who isrepparttar 137027 only one of his kind inrepparttar 137028 salon, James (Bryce Wilson). Add to thatrepparttar 137029 money problems, someone trying to take overrepparttar 137030 business andrepparttar 137031 possibility thatrepparttar 137032 shop may have to close for good and you haverepparttar 137033 same movie, same story without any added flare. You even haverepparttar 137034 character that hawks their goods atrepparttar 137035 shop: in Barbershop it was a man selling bootleg CDs and DVDs and in Beauty Shop it is a woman selling catfish and monkey bread. The concept of being original must have never crossedrepparttar 137036 writer’s minds.

The Different Styles of Inuit Sculptures

Written by Clint Leung

At first, all Inuit soapstone sculptures fromrepparttar Arctic may look alike. However, there are variances in artistic styles amongrepparttar 137013 different Inuit art producing communities. Although all communities produce Inuit sculptures featuring both animal and human subjects, some seem to do more animals while others do more people figures. Some communities make their subjects appear quite realistic with lots of high detail while in others, a more crude and primitive look is preferred. There are Inuit sculptures that have a highly polished finishes and some that arerepparttar 137014 complete opposite where they are left dull and unpolished.

Some areas specialize in producing small scale miniatures much likerepparttar 137015 artwork by their ancestors who first came into contact with white men. Inuit sculpture can range from quite conservative to bold or even wildly outrageous. Scenes can be playful like a piece depicting two Inuit children playing or with a sense of humor like a walrus waving. Onrepparttar 137016 other end, transformation and shamanic pieces can look disturbing or even frightening to some. Hunting scenes can portrayrepparttar 137017 gory realities of life and death in nature.

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