Beautiful Lighting Tips 101 - A Crash Course in Lighting Design

Written by Brian Starr

Many people cannot immediately identify why they may like or dislike a particular room or interior. Proper lighting and illumination isrepparttar single most critical factor in designing a pleasing interior environment. A successful lighting design is pleasing torepparttar 147856 eye, focuses attention on key room features and eliminates shadows and "hot spots". There are several lighting applications that can be used to meet specific lighting needs or to achieve a desired special effect.

GENERAL or AMBIENT LIGHTING refers to an even overall level of light provided to make a room or space comfortable and safe for its intended use. Recessed lighting is very popular as a general lighting source. Recessed lighting may be inrepparttar 147857 form of 3" to 8" diameter "can" type fixtures consisting of a "trim" and a "housing. Recessed "trims" arerepparttar 147858 visible portion ofrepparttar 147859 recessed light fixture and are available in hundreds of styles and colors to controlrepparttar 147860 spread of light, reflectrepparttar 147861 light and/or match a particular decor or theme. The "housing" isrepparttar 147862 actual enclosure that is installed intorepparttar 147863 attic and connected torepparttar 147864 power system. Different housings are available for new construction and remodel construction where attic access is difficult. Where recessed lighting may be in contact with building insulation, an "IC" rated housing is required to prevent a potential fire hazard. In may office environments, general lighting is provided inrepparttar 147865 form of luminous fluorescent ceiling panels.

TASK LIGHTING typically refers torepparttar 147866 higher level of light provided on work areas such as kitchen islands, countertops and desks. Additional light is directed to these areas using recessed, track or pendant fixtures. Concealed under-cabinet lighting is also frequently used by lighting designers to provide task illumination without seeingrepparttar 147867 source (fixture). Fixtures with either low or line-voltage halogen or xenon bulbs provide a whiter, warmer light than fluorescent under-cabinet lighting. 5 watt xenon or halogen lamps spaced 6 inches apart are suitable for most task lighting purposes whererepparttar 147868 fixture is within 24" ofrepparttar 147869 work surface. Whether recessed, track or under-cabinet style, low voltage halogen or xenon lighting fixtures are smaller than line voltage lighting but require a transformer to changerepparttar 147870 voltage from 120 volt to 12 volt. The transformer is included inside many low voltage fixtures but is also sometimes separate depending onrepparttar 147871 particular fixture and style.

ACCENT LIGHTING. To be effective, accent lighting should be approximately four timesrepparttar 147872 level of ambient (background) light in an area. Focusing light on an "accented object" or "area" draws attention to a picture, vase or other focal point. Here again. Halogen lighting type fixtures provide a whiter, brighter appearance than standard incandescent or fluorescent type fixtures. The selected fixture should be directional, either a swivel or gimbal type fixture to aimrepparttar 147873 light exactly where it is needed. Adjustable surface mount fixtures, track fixtures and even recessed style fixtures are available with "aimability" in mind. For a dramatic museum-type effect, some fixtures can include a focusing lens for pinpoint accuracy. The "Lighting Illumination" PDF attached to this file is a good guide for estimatingrepparttar 147874 illumination or brightness of various bulb types and wattages.


Written by Mercedes Hayes

It might not be too big of an exaggeration to say thatrepparttar construction loan is one ofrepparttar 147688 more daunting aspects of building your custom home. Before we started our project, I had nightmares about trying to pay two full mortgages atrepparttar 147689 same time (our existing mortgage andrepparttar 147690 construction loan), and I didn't see how it was at all possible. However,repparttar 147691 reality ended up much more reasonable than I dared hope.

COLLATERAL: Many but not all mortgage companies require you to own your land first before you apply forrepparttar 147692 construction loan. That way, ifrepparttar 147693 borrower defaults,repparttar 147694 bank has a way to recoup their investment. Some banks will let you roll inrepparttar 147695 land purchase withrepparttar 147696 construction loan, but you may have to pay a premium.

TIMING: Your standard construction loan will be based onrepparttar 147697 one year plan. It's perfectly reasonable to expect to finish within a year, unless you are building a handcrafted log home. The good news is that you aren't obligated forrepparttar 147698 full construction loan amount from day one. You only have to pay interest forrepparttar 147699 amount of money you actually borrow from each draw. So you won't really be carryingrepparttar 147700 full mortgage untilrepparttar 147701 end of construction, at which point you will rollrepparttar 147702 construction loan over to a conventional mortgage.

BUDGETING: Before you apply forrepparttar 147703 construction loan, you must get all your quotes in order. Banks are not happy about increasingrepparttar 147704 amount of money you ask for. Be sure to account for allrepparttar 147705 sub-contractors (plumbers, masons, electricians, excavators, landscapers),repparttar 147706 well and septic,repparttar 147707 windows and roof,repparttar 147708 painters, and evenrepparttar 147709 grass seed. Your mortgage representative will expect you to have a handle on all your financial needs (see my article BREAKING DOWN THE BUDGET OF YOUR LOG HOME for more specifics). If some of these expenses will be out of pocket, it wouldn't hurt to include them in your construction loan request anyway, so you have a cost overrun buffer. And get more than one quote if possible, then userepparttar 147710 highest quote inrepparttar 147711 construction loan request. If you go withrepparttar 147712 lower quoted job, you'll have another buffer in your favor.

Beforerepparttar 147713 mortgage company agrees onrepparttar 147714 loan, they will require a copy ofrepparttar 147715 floor plan, permits, and survey. Then they will send out an appraiser who will inspect your property and determine whether your project will appraise forrepparttar 147716 amount of money they are committing to. Luckily, more and more banks are giving log homes a fair appraisal, but it helps to choose a company that specializes in log homes or your market value may come in too low.

DRAWS: When you've itemized your anticipated expenses, you can share this with your mortgage rep., who will then ask you how you would like to break downrepparttar 147717 disbursements (or "draws" as we commonly know them). This will be your decision (with a little hand-holding). At first, you might want to schedule a couple dozen draws, until you realize that there is a service charge attached to every draw. For instance, every timerepparttar 147718 bank releases a draw, you have to notify them a few days in advance. The bank sends out an inspector to verify thatrepparttar 147719 promised work was performed. Then they order a Title Search to verify that you haven't had any liens put on your property sincerepparttar 147720 last draw (this costs about $125 each time).

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