Beating The Business Blues

Written by Terri Seymour

Internet marketing is a wonderful business, but if you are like me, there are days when you get really down and just can't seem to get going. This is compounded for some people withrepparttar Winter Blues. Sometimes sitting in your lonely corner ofrepparttar 117879 bedroom or living room, it seems like you arerepparttar 117880 only person on earth. You sometimes feel like you are in a cage and there is no way out! This can also be compounded by a slump in your business sales or successes.

When you feel like this, it is hard to get any work done and can be very counterproductive for you. You must step back, take a break and clear your head.

I have found a few things that can help alleviate these problems and would like to share them with you.

1. Get up and get away fromrepparttar 117881 computer for awhile. Even if it is only for 10-15 minutes. Walk aroundrepparttar 117882 house, stretch your muscles, do a few neck and back stretches. These can do wonders!

2. Take a walk. Get dressed, go outside, breathe in repparttar 117883 fresh, cool air of winter and take a 30 minute walk. This is one ofrepparttar 117884 most invigorating things you can do to clear your head and getrepparttar 117885 cobwebs out. Walking isrepparttar 117886 one activity I would recommend most.

3. Call a friend or family member and talk for awhile. This can also be a great way to lift your spirits and confirm your suspicions that there are other people on this planet! ;-) Chat for awhile and laugh a little. Laughter is a great medicine!

4. Have some fun! Put on some of your favorite music and dance aroundrepparttar 117887 house for awhile. Let loose and have some fun. Act goofy, crazy or waltz yourself to China. This helps get out some ofrepparttar 117888 frustrations and pent up emotions that can causerepparttar 117889 blues.

Just A Little Advice... Part 1

Written by Terri Seymour

When someone decides they want to start an online business, they might think all they have to do is slap up a site and wait forrepparttar money to come rolling in. If only it were that easy....but it isn't. There is a LOT of work and a LOT of learning to do when you are building an online business. In my two years onrepparttar 117878 internet I have learned many ways to help build a business and I expect I will learn a lot more! With this article, I would like to share some ofrepparttar 117879 things that I have learned in building my business.

DO NOT believerepparttar 117880 get rich quick ads. There are many scams out there hoping to find people who are looking for easy money and succumb to their promises. Some good indications of these would be.... MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN 6 MONTHS WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANYTHING...yea, right!! If it sounds like a dream, it is probably a nightmare!!

TREAT people with respect! I believe strongly that we should all treat others with respect and help each other as often as we can. Do not insult, embarrass or harass people if they do not agree with your views or if they do not know everything you think they should know.

EXPECT to work hard. Building an online business is something just about anyone can do, but you must be prepared to work and work hard at it. There are umpteen other businesses onrepparttar 117881 web and you must somehow make yours rise aboverepparttar 117882 others. This is no easy task.

NETWORK with other people online who are starting or building an online business. Join some good discussion groups, message board communities and newsgroups. Participate inrepparttar 117883 discussions and become known and trusted in your field.

Discussion Lists - Message Boards - Newsgroups -

DO NOT SPAM! Do not bombard every email address you can find with advertisements about your business. This is one ofrepparttar 117884 quickest ways to lose all credibility for yourself and your business. Send information only to people who have signed up at your site, subscribed to your ezine or have asked for information. When you post to discussion lists, message boards and newsgroups, follow all rules and guidelines.

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