Beat the summer heat - what size A/C do I need

Written by Donald Grummett

What size air conditioner do I need?

A larger air conditioner will not always provide more cooling. It should be sized forrepparttar room area. If properly sized it should operate long enough to remove moisture from repparttar 142092 air. It isrepparttar 142093 moisture removed fromrepparttar 142094 room which actually producesrepparttar 142095 feeling of cooling. Unfortunately many people in their rush to purchase a window air conditioner buy too large a model.

Too large a unit can actually provide less cooling than a smaller, properly sized unit. This is because with an oversized air conditioner its run time is too short. Consequently it does not remove enough moisture fromrepparttar 142096 room to produce a feeling of comfort. If you’re A/C seems to cycle off and then back on every few minutes and does a poor job of cooling, it is probably oversized forrepparttar 142097 room.

Air conditioners are rated in BTU’s. British Thermal Units are a measurement of how much heat is being transferred form repparttar 142098 room being cooled to whererepparttar 142099 heat is dumped out of doors. This is whyrepparttar 142100 cooing coil insiderepparttar 142101 room is cool torepparttar 142102 touch, whilerepparttar 142103 part that hangs outside is extremely hot.

A window air conditioner used inrepparttar 142104 average household room can be as low as 4000 BTU. While 5000, 6000, and 8000 are repparttar 142105 most common sizes purchased.

How do I determine what size A/C I need?

Following is a basic sizing chart for calculatingrepparttar 142106 window air conditioner needed for a room. Calculaterepparttar 142107 size ofrepparttar 142108 room by multiplyingrepparttar 142109 width ofrepparttar 142110 room byrepparttar 142111 length of repparttar 142112 room. Use your room size to determine what BTU's are required to cool that particular room size.

room in sq ftroom in sq mA/C size in BTU's 100 – 250 9 – 23 5000 – 6 000 250 – 40023 – 37 6000 – 8500 400 – 55037 – 51 8000 – 11000 550 – 87551 – 81 11000 – 15000 Based on a room occupied by two adults, having an average insulation, number of windows, and sun exposure.

Which isrepparttar 142113 best room for placement of an air conditioner?

Wherever it givesrepparttar 142114 most comfort is where it should be installed. If you only have one air conditioner then we usually suggestrepparttar 142115 bedroom. This is because most people find that if they can sleep comfortably during a hot summer night then their next days work will be a lot easier. Getting through a hot day at work becomes a lot easier when you know you will sleep comfortably that night.

Router Bit Basics

Written by Kaitlin Carruth

A router bit is a tool for woodworking giving a quality finish to woodwork. It cuts wood providing a way to give a clean and even a decorative edge to woodwork. The following is some basic information about router bits to get you started in your woodworking efforts.

The Parts of a Router Bit

Here arerepparttar there main parts of a router bit: 1) The shank-repparttar 142008 part ofrepparttar 142009 router bit that is inserted intorepparttar 142010 collet (the sleeve ofrepparttar 142011 router). 2) The cutting edge- this part cuts and removesrepparttar 142012 wood. They are available in several sizes and shapes. 3) The pilot-repparttar 142013 guide forrepparttar 142014 router in order to make a correct cut. It can be an extension ofrepparttar 142015 shank or a ball bearing attachment.

The Different Kinds of Router Bits

While there are over 50 router bit profiles, here arerepparttar 142016 four basic types of router bits: 1) Grooving Bits- These bits make a groove inrepparttar 142017 piece of wood. This type of bit is commonly used for street address signs for homes. Different types of grooving bits includerepparttar 142018 V-Groove,repparttar 142019 Round-Nose andrepparttar 142020 Straight Bits. 2) Joinery Bits- Router bits that help make several different types of joints. This type of router bit includesrepparttar 142021 Finger Joint,repparttar 142022 Drawer Lock,repparttar 142023 Rile and Stile, and Dovetail Bits. 3) Edge Bits- Bits used to create different-shaped edges in woodwork. Examples of these types of bits includerepparttar 142024 Beading, Flush, and Round-over bits. 4) Specialized Bits- These bits do not fit into one ofrepparttar 142025 above categories and have more specialized purposes includingrepparttar 142026 Key Hole, Raised Panel, and T-Slot bits.

Carbide versus HSS bits

Most ofrepparttar 142027 bits you will find available in hardware stores are carbide (short for tungsten carbide) tipped. These router bits are made of a very hard material that stays sharp longer than steel and is resistant to heat. However, this type of router bit can chip and is very expensive (this is why most ofrepparttar 142028 bits are tipped and not made completely of carbide).

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