Beat Stress and Stay Cucumber Cool

Written by Estate Jewelry International

Things aren't going quite right, frustration setting in, you can feel your blood pressure rising? Here's some helpful tips to keep you cool as a cucumber. - Having a bath can sootherepparttar soul andrepparttar 138301 body. Add your favourite scent, add some candles, close your eyes and relax or grab your favorite book. Closerepparttar 138302 door and tell everyone it's your time out and you're not to be disturbed. - Get outside and excercise. Excercising releases endorphins and alleviates tension. Something as simple as a power walk can do wonders for your mood and stress level. If possible take a walk away fromrepparttar 138303 urban distractions. If there is a trail or park where you can retreat it will do wonders for your sanity. Betweenrepparttar 138304 walk,repparttar 138305 flower fragrances, andrepparttar 138306 smell of fresh air you'll be feeling better in no time at all. - If you awaken feeling stressed. Take a few minutes to calm your body. For one minute breath in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. Get out of bed and do 20 jumping jacks or run onrepparttar 138307 spot for 30 seconds to get your energy flowing. Eat a healthy breakfast and then decide what one goal or task your going to complete forrepparttar 138308 day. - Don't stress yourself out by writing out a task list that is simply too big to manage. Instead choose 5 most important things you need to accomplish that day. List them from most important [must complete] to least important. Once you've accomplished those 5 tasks you can start a new list. - Take time out - meditate for five minutes. Using a light pressure, pushrepparttar 138309 palms of your hands into your closed eyes. Slowly release and take deep breaths, then push your palms back into your eyes. Repeat for 3-4 minutes, then rest your head in your hands, relax, and take deep breaths before lifting your head. - Stretching is an excellent way to relieve tension and stress. Stretching will release tension from your neck and back.

For Women: Why Ice Is Nice

Written by Louise Roach

Ice therapy is a women’s best friend. Really! I’m not kidding. When it comes to alternative medicine, using ice is an easy, drug-free and inexpensive therapy right out of your freezer. The simple technique of ‘icing’ is used to lessen pain and decrease inflammation, but it has many more uses, particularly for women.

Injury treatment - For sports and overuse injuries. R.I.C.E. therapy (rest-ice-compression-elevation) isrepparttar recommended method to treat muscle and joint pain, strains and sprains. Many athletes also use ice therapy as preventative treatment after a workout. Did you know that women’s risk of developing ACL injuries is four times greater then men? Always have ice therapy on hand after a marathon or offrepparttar 138188 slopes, in case your anterior cruciated ligament decides now’srepparttar 138189 time to act up.

Comfort back pain – Forty-one percent, or 10 million women a year, suffer from back pain. The major causes for women’s back pain are housework and gardening. Cool lower back pain with ice therapy. It’s an easy, immediate relief for nagging pain after you’ve been pulling weeds or lugging groceries.

Ease migraine headache pain – Every woman experiences migraines at some point in their life. It might be part of your monthly cycle or a symptom of menopause. Ice therapy is a proven remedy for migraine relief. Lie down for five to ten minutes and place an ice pack behind your neck, on your forehead or temples. Ice naturally reduces inflammation and numbs pain, decreasingrepparttar 138190 effect of migraines and easing you into relief withoutrepparttar 138191 use of drugs.

Chill hot flashes and night sweats – 80% of women will experience body heat fluctuations during menopause. Nothing chills a hot flash like an ice pack! Keep a chilled pack in an insulated tote next to your bed at night, ready when a flush of heat wakes you up.

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