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Since Murphy or whoever it was, took credit forrepparttar round wheel, rolling technology has changed somewhat.

Today, friction whether static or dynamic, is reliant on bearings to reduce motor or engine load. What is sometimes overlooked isrepparttar 102765 inherent features and design of a bearings to reduce temperature where it is not necessary. The basic requirement is to reduce contacting surface areas. More extreme requirements are to reduce vibration, reduce allotted space required to house such a bearing, and extend their life.

Needle roller bearings are used whererepparttar 102766 load is spread length ways, and a typical or common application would berepparttar 102767 “big end” bearings of motorcycles. Plain bearings are still used inrepparttar 102768 big ends, of cars and most other crankshaft scenarios. The principle behind a plain bearing is thatrepparttar 102769 thinner a material is,repparttar 102770 harder it is to compress or displace it. Plain bearings, often called bushings, can be “steel backed” with a relatively thin coating of white metal applied torepparttar 102771 bearing contact surface. This would berepparttar 102772 common type inrepparttar 102773 automotive big end applications, and should a piece of offensive hard material contaminaterepparttar 102774 oil, it can be safely embedded withinrepparttar 102775 white metal. Should it be small enough then it is not an issue.

More plain bearings can be of a bronze base with impurities cast or sintered into them. The purpose is to absorb oil or lubricant before application, and become “self-lubricating, for a limited time anyway.

Many years beforerepparttar 102776 industrial revolution, bearings were made from anything available that was considered appropriate. Timber, sometimes from apple trees but not in any way exclusive to them, have been used in windmills and water mills.

Indeed, stone bushings were not unusual. You’ve heard ofrepparttar 102777 more expensive watches been said to contain “X number of Jewels”? The purpose of such jewels was to reduce friction and associated loads. This would be a loose example of metal to stone contact.

Thrust bearings are designed to work through a different axis, and may be ball-type, cylindrical roller type or a combination of both. Taper roller bearings are an example.

High temperature bearings have in-built allowance for expansion, or to put it another way; they have more clearance. High-speed bearings often have “cages” made from non-metallic materials. Typically, this material is tufnol or plastic.

Improve Gas Mileage Without Damaging Your Car

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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After evaluating and testing more than 100 alleged gas- saving devices,repparttar 102769 Environmental Protection Agency has found only a few that improve mileage and none that do so significantly.

The gas-saving products onrepparttar 102770 market seem to fall into clearly defined categories. These include, but are not limited to: air-bleed devices, vapor-bleed devices, liquid injection devices, ignition devices, fuel line devices, mixture enhancers, internal engine modification devices, fuels and fuel additives, oils and oil additives, and driving habit modifiers.

The EPA evaluates or tests products to determine whether their use will result in any measurable improvement to fuel economy. However,repparttar 102771 EPA cannot say what effect gas-saving products will have on a vehicle over a long period of time. It is possible that some products may harmrepparttar 102772 car or adversely affect its performance.

For example, if an "air bleed" device actually adds significant amounts of air torepparttar 102773 air-and-fuel mixture, it may cause an engine to misfire, a condition which greatly increasesrepparttar 102774 potential engine damage or mechanical failure. This is especially likely to happen on cars manufactured between 1974 and 1982, because their carburetors are pre-set for a maximum amount of air to be burned withrepparttar 102775 fuel. "Air-bleed" devices will not work at all on many cars manufactured after 1982, because these cars have "feedback" carburetors that automatically adjustrepparttar 102776 air-and-fuel mixture renderingrepparttar 102777 device useless.

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