Bearing fruit in 2005

Written by Ps Hannes Wessels

God has called each one of us to bear fruit. Fruit is very specific in that it tastes best atrepparttar right time. If you eat fruit like grapes to early, it will be sour and hard, eat it to late and it is overripe and terrible.

So bearing fruit atrepparttar 139339 right time inrepparttar 139340 spiritual realm is important. We must be able to discernrepparttar 139341 times and know whatrepparttar 139342 Holy Spirit is saying for now.

Seasons come and go over every nation, city, church, business and individual. It is your responsibility to know what isrepparttar 139343 time onrepparttar 139344 spiritual clock of Jesus for a specific time.

Today we will look at Joseph and see how he could discernrepparttar 139345 times and influence nations.

People hated Joseph and often did him in for instance his brothers, Pothifar’s wife, andrepparttar 139346 butler. God viewed him differently. Genesis 39

vers 2: The Lord was with Joseph and he was a successful man. ( Even though he was a slave) All he did prospered in his hand. vers 5: The Lord blessedrepparttar 139347 Egyptians house because Joseph was in it. vers 21: The Lord was with Joseph and showed him mercy. (Even though he was in prison) vers 23: whatever he did,repparttar 139348 Lord made it prosper. This super natural blessing combined withrepparttar 139349 hard work Col. 3:22-25 and patience that Joseph had resulted in him being blessed at all times. He resisted temptation many times. Jas. 4:7; 2 Tim 2:22 He maintained his supernatural blessing it did not matter where he was, in prison, as a slave or wherever.

He could really discernrepparttar 139350 times.. 1 Cor 4:1-2, Math 16:3. It resulted in blessing for those surrounding him Do we haverepparttar 139351 same result on our places of work?


Written by Hannes Wessels

Matthew 14: 22 – 33

Jesus sent His disciples acrossrepparttar sea torepparttar 139338 other side while he went to pray. A huge storm came up,repparttar 139339 wind was terrible andrepparttar 139340 disciples, being fisherman were convinced they would drown. Inrepparttar 139341 midst of this turmoil they see ‘a ghost’ walking onrepparttar 139342 water to them.

V27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.”

Peter then calls to Jesus that if that is Him, then Jesus must call Him to come to Him. Jesus says come. Peter gets outrepparttar 139343 boat, and walks onrepparttar 139344 water to Jesus.

V30 But when he sawrepparttar 139345 wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying’ “Lord, save me!”

Jesus reaches out and takes His hand and they get intorepparttar 139346 boat and immediatelyrepparttar 139347 wind ceased.

V33 Then those who were inrepparttar 139348 boat came and worshiped Him, saying, “TrulyYou arerepparttar 139349 Son of God.”

1. STORMS In life, we will face devastating storms. We will face pressure, we will face emotional heartbreak and rejection, we will face death and loneliness, we will face losing all we have, we will face sickness etc.

Often in life those things can overwhelm us, so much, that we lose sight of Jesus and we begin to drown in those ‘waves’ that hit us. We are overburdened byrepparttar 139350 situation and feel like we are going to ‘drown’.

2. HIS VOICE Inrepparttar 139351 midst of this turmoil, if we listen, we will hear Jesus tell us its OK, He is with us, not to fear. But we do fear. We are brave for a moment at church when we are all hyped up, butrepparttar 139352 second we face ‘reality’ boy, those waves are huge, and we loose sight of Jesus.

3. CRY OUT When all is too much for you, cry out like Peter did; “Lord, save me!” Sometimes all our fancy prayers and formulas mean nothing. We have nothing left to fight with. We are sinking fast. We have no words left to pray, no faith left, no fight left. We become weary torepparttar 139353 point of giving up. Sorrow or pressures overwhelm us. What is left? Simply this: “Jesus, save me.”

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