Beagle Complete Profile

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Key Facts:

Size: Small Height: 33 - 40 cm (13 - 16 inches) Weight: 9 - 14 kg (20 - 30 lb) Life Span: 15 years Grooming: Easy Exercise: Considerable Feeding: Reasonable Temperament: Stubborn & active Country of Origin: England AKC Group: Hound Other Names: English Beagle

Temperament: The Beagle is alert, bold, active, eager and affectionate. Beagle's can be stubborn dogs, but haverepparttar intelligence to be trained, if done in a firm manner. They still have pack instincts and enjoy being socialised with other dogs or beagles for pack activities. Beagles make great family pets with their cheerful and gentle nature and tolerance of other pets and children.

Grooming: The coat of a Beagle is waterproof and is able to drip-dry easily and dirt can be sponged off with ease.

Exercise: Beagles need a considerable amount of exercise. They are not recommended for a flat or apartment home.

History: The Beagle is believed to have evolved fromrepparttar 147972 old Talbot or Southern Hound in France, these hounds made their way over to Britain. Originally there were two kinds of scent hounds in England, large ones who hunted deer and small ones known as 'begles' who hunted rabbits. Thus, just as Harriers are a smaller version ofrepparttar 147973 English Foxhound,repparttar 147974 Beagle is a smaller version ofrepparttar 147975 Harrier.

German Shepherd Complete Profile

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Key Facts:

Size: Large Height: 56 - 66 cm (22 - 26 inches) Weight: 42 - 52 kg (92 - 115 lb) Life Span: 13 years Grooming: Medium Exercise: Demanding Feeding: Medium Temperament: Protective & highly trainable Country of Origin: Germany AKC Group: Herding Other Names: Alsatian, Deutscher Schäferhund

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Proud, powerful and dignified. Colour: Black, black/tan or grey with or without shadings. Small white markings onrepparttar chest or inside ofrepparttar 147971 legs is permitted. Coat: The outercoat is thick, harsh and straight. The undercoat is thick and short onrepparttar 147972 head. Tail: Set low, bushy and never carried aboutrepparttar 147973 level ofrepparttar 147974 back. Ears: Medium size, broad atrepparttar 147975 base, set high, carried erect and pointed forward. The ears ofrepparttar 147976 puppies may stay hanging until around 6 months or older and don't become erect untilrepparttar 147977 replacement ofrepparttar 147978 baby teeth. Body: The chest is deep but not too broad. The shoulders are long, oblique and well laid back. The back is straight andrepparttar 147979 ribs are long and well sprung.

Temperament: Active, bold, determined and watchful. German Shepherds make excellent watchdogs, as they are naturally suspicious of strangers and very protective of their family. This breed gets on well with children but can be territorial with other dogs. They are extremely intelligent and trainable dogs and make ideal household companions.

Grooming: Minimal attention is needed forrepparttar 147980 coat. During moulting use a comb to removerepparttar 147981 dead and loose hairs.

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